Daily Sports Betting Preview 6/9/2020: Matchplay 120, Comet League, and Snooker

  • Tennys Sandgren is a -207 favorite in his match today.
  • Reaktivnye Bizony are +135 underdogs against Chernye Grifony.
  • Ronnie O’Sullivan is a -200 favorite against Sam Craigie.

LAS VEGAS - Welcome to today’s edition of the Daily Sports Betting Preview, where USAOnlineSportsbooks rounds up all of the under the radar betting action on a daily basis.

Today’s Preview starts out with the tennis scene, as the Matchplay 120 brings a top 300 matchup to the table today.

Then, the Preview takes a look at the Comet League, a short hockey league from Russia.

Finally, the Preview examines the Snooker Championship League, which features several interesting betting opportunities today.

There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started!

Tennis Matchplay 120 Betting

The concept of the Matchplay 120 is simple - Tennis has been missing for so long, and high-level tennis action has been hard to come by.

As a response to this, the Matchplay 120 is a series of 120 different tennis matches between players who are ranked in the top 300.

This is a great way to reintroduce tennis to the betting world, and the world of sports overall.

Today’s Matchplay 120 match is between Mikael Torpegaard and Tennys Sandgren and looks to be a great one.

Sandgren is a -207 favorite at many of the major online sportsbooks, which puts him in a commanding position.

Torpegaard, for his part, clocks in with +177 odds to pull off the upset in this match.

On the spread, Sandgren is favored by -3.5, which is a fairly significant number. However, Sandgren -3.5 has -104 odds, while Torpegaard +3.5 has -116 odds.

The Over/Under line for the match is set at 21.5 sets, and the Over is notably favored, with -129 odds, while the Under has +109 odds.

Overall, this looks like an interesting betting opportunity. Sandgren is favored, but not by so much that he is expected to cut the match short, and not by so much that he is expected to dominate entirely either.

This makes sense when considering the relative rankings of the two competitors. Sandgren is 55th in the world, while Torpegaard is 168th.

This could be a chance for Torpegaard to make his mark and move up in the rankings.

Comet League Betting

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many online sports bettors have turned to Russian sports in order to find betting opportunities.

One of the constantly available betting opportunities was on the Comet League, a short hockey league based in Russia.

The Comet League is still up and running, and still providing betting opportunities for hockey bettors around the globe.

Short hockey is basically the same as regular hockey, but the time period in which it is played is shorter. Instead of three 15 minute periods, short hockey is played with three ten minute periods.

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However, the scoring in the games tends to be similar to, if not higher than, the scoring in professional hockey leagues, judging purely by the Over/Under lines.

Today’s featured match from the Comet League pits Reaktivnye Bizony against Chernye Grifony.

Bizony is a mild underdog in this very even match, as they enter with +135 odds to win on the moneyline.

Grifony, the favorite, only have +110 odds to win on the moneyline, while a draw has +470 odds.

On the puck line, Bizony +1.5 has -192 odds, while Grifony -1.5 has +162 odds.

The Over/Under line for the match is set at 10.5 goals, which tends to be a common Over/Under line for matches in the Comet League.

This match, it might be a bit high - the Over has +120 odds, while the Under has -140 odds, which heavily suggests that the sportsbooks are handicapping their own line a little, with expectations that the Under hits.

Snooker Championship League Betting

The Snooker Championship League is back in the Daily Sports Betting Preview, and with good reason.

The Championship League provides snooker bettors all over the world with great betting opportunities on their favorite sport.

Normally, each edition of the Preview contains one volume based betting opportunity, and today, the Snooker Championship League brings six matches to the table.

One of these matches features today’s biggest favorite in the League, Ronnie O’Sullivan, the five time snooker world champion.

O’Sullivan has been struggling mentally with the conditions imposed on his tournament play by the COVID-19 pandemic, but it hasn’t stopped him from dominating the competition.

The tournament has taken a mental toll on the five-time world champion, as Metro quoted him as saying:

“If every tournament was to be like this then I am not sure I would be able to do it.”

O’Sullivan then went on to note that the struggle of being cooped up in a hotel was not his ideal tournament environment.

That said, this is still Ronnie O’Sullivan. He dominated last week and is a heavy favorite in the Preview’s featured match this week, wherein he takes on Sam Craigie.

O’Sullivan boasts -200 odds, far outstripping Craigie’s +700 odds. A draw is more likely than a Craigie victory, with +225 odds.

The mental challenges didn’t seem to get to O’Sullivan last week, but it remains to be seen how he handles a tough competitor like Craigie.

Happy betting!