Sportsbooks, Sports Bettors Playing The ‘Numbers Game’…Literally

Number Game

Sportsbooks have gotten creative with their offerings amid all the canceled sporting events. The Numbers Game, an older game, is now becoming popular on sports betting sites. BOSTON – The Numbers Game is a game being offered by sportsbooks for gamblers to take part in. This game is quite old but is now being revived … Read more

Monday Night Football Betting Guide: Bengals Vs. Steelers

Bengals Vs. Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers have won nine of the last ten matchups against the Cincinnati Bengals. Hitting the under has been the most common trend in this AFC North divisional matchup. Using historic betting trends on these teams may be useless with roster changes and injuries. PITTSBURGH – In a Monday Night Football battle of 0-3 … Read more

3 NFL Underdogs To Bet Will Make The Playoffs

Tennessee Titans and Carolina Panthers

Of the list, only the Seattle Seahawks made the postseason last year, losing to the Dallas Cowboys in the Wildcard. Both the Tennessee Titans and Carolina Panthers made the postseason the year prior, with Tennessee picking up a Wildcard win. Tallahassee, Fla. – Every year, there are a handful of NFL teams that shock the … Read more

2019 Concacaf Gold Cup Odds: Bermuda vs. Nicaragua, Haiti vs. Costa Rica

2019 Concacaf Gold Cup

Bermuda +140 is the betting favorite versus Nicaragua +185 in their June 24 match in the CONCACAF Gold Cup. Haiti +475 is the underdog going into their June 24 matchup versus Costa Rica -170, who is the favorite. The United States is a big -235 favorite in their upcoming matchup with Panama +600. TALLAHASSEE, Fla. … Read more