Sportsbooks Show A Chalk First Round Except For 3 Games

West Virginia Basketball

West Virginia is a nine seed but holds a two-point advantage over #8 Maryland Terrapins. The #9 Auburn Tigers is a one-point favorite over #8 Iowa Hawkeyes. #10 Utah State is -1.5 against the #7 Missouri Tigers. HOUSTON – With 68 teams ready to start their NCAA Bracket experience beginning Tuesday, Americans everywhere will fill … Read more

March Madness Magic Numbers: How To Use Historic Betting Trends

March Madness

The NCAA Tournament is scheduled to start on Thursday Since 2003, teams with +17 point spreads have covered more than 54% of the time. LAS VEGAS – The NCAA Tournament is coming up, and March Madness brings with it a plethora of different ways to wager. With new sports bettors entering the market each March … Read more