Options Are Limited For Texans Looking To Bet On Super Bowl 54

There Are Limited Options For Texans Looking To Bet On Super Bowl 54

Texas has everything except legalized sports betting in their district. While the state does not offer anything themselves, this does not mean that residents cannot make legal wagers on SB LIV. Neighboring states have sports betting lounges as well as the option of internet sportsbooks for gamblers to use for the game. AUSTIN, Texas – … Read more

Arbitrage Betting On Trump, Dems In US Election Is Free Money

Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage betting is selecting opposite sides of an outcome when odds support a profit. Sportsbooks are operated independently, offering differing odds on an outcome. Betting on both the GOP and the Democrats to win can secure bettors a 14% profit. TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Shopping lines is an idea that is highly regarded in the betting … Read more

Jonesing For Some Manning: Bookmakers Believe Eli Will Throw For The Giants Again

Eli Manning

After years of starting for the New York Giants, quarterback Eli Manning was benched last week for rookie Daniel Jones. Manning is 16 years older than the rookie and coincidentally has been playing for the Giants for 16 seasons. The question on every sportsbook’s mind is, will Manning ever throw again for New York? NEW … Read more

Celebrity Death Match – The Reality Edition

Death Watch

MyBookie Sportsbook has found a way to make dying fun, for those not in the race of course. Among those listed in their Death Matchups are Charlie Sheen, Betty White, and Prince Phillip. These bets can be found in the entertainment section of the website. TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – MyBookie Sportsbook has a section for celebrity … Read more