Toyota Owners 400 Betting Odds Breakdown

  • Martin Truex Jr. sits atop the Toyota Owners 400 odds boards with +400 odds.
  • Denny Hamlin is next on the odds boards with +600 odds.
  • Hamlin doesn’t have a win yet, but he has seven top 5 finishes this season.

LAS VEGAS - The Toyota Owners 400 pits the best drivers in NASCAR against one another in an exciting race at Richmond Raceway.

Bettors can wager on the race in multiple ways, with odds ranging from head-to-head matchups to full-on futures odds.

Let’s check out some of each type of Toyota Owners 400 betting odds!

Toyota 400 Futures Odds

The futures odds are going to be quite rewarding for anyone who can pick the winner of the race before it happens.

However, the difficulty of such a task is hard to understate. The race has many serious competitors and picking just one is hard to do.

Toyota Owners 400 Odds To Win

  • Martin Truex Jr. #19 +400
  • Denny Hamlin #11 +600
  • Kyle Larson #5 +700
  • Brad Keselowski #2 +750
  • Joey Logano #22 +850
  • Chase Elliott #9 +850
  • Kyle Busch #18 +900
  • Kevin Harvick #4 +1100
  • Ryan Blaney #12 +1800
  • William Byron #24 +2000
  • Christopher Bell #20 +2500
  • Alex Bowman #48 +3300
  • Kurt Busch #1 +3500
  • Austin Dillon #3 +4000

Martin Truex Jr. is sitting at the top of the odds boards fairly comfortably in this race, with his +400 odds beating out his closest competitor Denny Hamlin, who has +600 odds.

Truex is in second place in the NASCAR Cup Series, while Hamlin is in first, but Hamlin’s resume is buoyed by a large number of top 5 finishes.

Hamlin has seven top 5 finishes this season with zero wins, while Truex has three top 5 finishes and two wins.

In other words, Hamlin is always in the running, but is not necessarily a threat to win the race the same way he’s a threat to finish in the top 5.

Hamlin’s consistency is certainly admirable, and at some point he will win a race if he just keeps up his level of driving.

For now, though, it seems the online sportsbooks view him as a bit of a bridesmaid in this race, with Truex taking the top spot.

After those two is Kyle Larson, who has +700 odds, followed swiftly by the pack of Brad Keselowski, Joey Logano, Chase Elliott, Kevin Harvick, and Kyle Busch.

This group of competitors is always in this range - they’re elite drivers who are always a threat to win any race.

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After Harvick, the odds fall off a bit, and a lot of the smart money will likely be on these competitors, who have decent odds, but are neither overwhelming favorites nor heavy underdogs.

Toyota Owners 400 Head To Head Odds

Another way of wagering on the Toyota Owners 400 is via head-to-head matchup odds, which have far fewer variables involved.

Brad Keselowski vs. Kyle Larson Head To Head Odds

  • Brad Keselowski #2 -115
  • Kyle Larson #5 -115

The way these odds work is that bettors simply pick a driver they expect to finish higher than the other driver in their head-to-head matchup.

For example, if Kyle Larson finishes ahead of Brad Keselowski, anyone who bet on Larson in the head-to-head matchup will receive a payout.

As far as that matchup goes, it seems very even, although it’s worth noting that Larson slightly edges out Keselowski on the futures odds boards.

Chase Elliott vs. Joey Logano Head To Head Odds

  • Yadong Song -200
  • Marlon Vera +160

Chase Elliott is just ahead of Joey Logano in this head-to-head betting matchup, and on the futures odds boards, they’re actually tied.

Logano is currently in third place in the Cup Series, while Elliott is seventh, but much of that gap is due to Logano’s win - they both have the same number of top 5 finishes.

Denny Hamlin vs. Martin Truex Jr. Head To Head Odds

  • Denny Hamlin #11 -110
  • Martin Truex Jr. #19 -120

Denny Hamlin slightly edges out Martin Truex Jr. in the head-to-head matchup between potentially the two best drivers in the Cup Series.

Hamlin’s two race wins are unmatched by other drivers, but so too are Truex’s seven top 5 finishes so far. This is a great matchup in a great race, and should be quite fun for any fans of NASCAR betting.

The race airs on April 18, 2021, at 3:00 p.m. EST, and will be broadcast on FOX and FOX Live.