Verstappen Less Than 1-3 Favorite In Azerbaijan GP Odds

  • Max Verstappen heads into the Azerbaijan Grand Prix being -275 to win the whole thing with no one else behind him having odds shorter than +400.
  • After dominating last year’s race and coming up just short due to a vehicle failure in 2021, the belief is clearly that he will win the race barring any unforeseen circumstances.
  • No single driver has won the event twice, with only Mercedes and Red Bull as teams having two or more wins.

BAKU – The annual Azerbaijan Grand Prix returns for the sixth with Max Verstappen by far the most favored driver.

Verstappen is still sporting very short odds of -275 at online sportsbooks.

With the event being one of the youngest in F1, only two teams have managed to win, with Mercedes taking home two victories in 2018 and 2019, while Red Bull Racing claimed the other three.

Azerbaijan Grand Prix Odds - Favorites

Driver: Odds:
Max Verstappen -275
Sergio Perez +400
Fernando Alonso +1000
Lewis Hamilton +1200

Recent Dominance Has All Fingers Pointing to Verstappen

While the odds clearly place Verstappen above all his other competitors, the F1 odds do not do his driving skills justice. His consistent excellence in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix year-after-year cannot be understated.

While he did not win the event in 2021, this was through no fault of his own, as a late-race failure blew out his back tire and forced a DNF result while he was easily in the lead and ready to win the event. Ignited by his quest for redemption, Verstappen would go on to win the 2022 Azerbaijan Grand Prix by a whopping 20.8 seconds over his teammate Sergio Perez and nearly 46 seconds over the third place team Mercedes driver George Russell.

It is a tall order to bet against Verstappen based off of the phenomenal track record he has on the course in the last two years, but for those bullish on there being another winner there may be some value in Verstappen’s teammate.

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Sergio Perez will enter the race as a +400 underdog, but does have a few things going for him as the race begins. Mainly, Perez was able to capture the trophy in 2021 following Verstappen’s DNF and also holds the record for fastest lap time, which at least gives him a decent chance over Verstappen if he can perform near his peak.

Overall, the Azerbaijan Grand Prix should be an exciting and tense event but there is little reason to believe Verstappen will fail to win it barring unforeseen circumstances like what happened in 2021. The best available bet based on recent finishes, talent, and the history of this event all points to Verstappen taking home the win and cashing in the -275 odds found at sportsbooks online.