VP Betting Odds: Susan Rice Nearly Even With Kamala Harris

  • Susan Rice now has +200 odds of being named the vice-presidential candidate for the 2020 presidential election.
  • Kamala Harris (+125) is atop of the odds but has seen her odds grow longer with the growth of Rice.

WASHINGTON - Susan Rice’s odds of being the vice president on the 2020 democratic ticket have spiked and are now almost head to head with front runner Kamala Harris.

For months, Harris has been the favorite for the Democratic vice-presidential candidate.

Rice, in the past, was thought most likely to be a pick for Secretary of Defense or Secretary of State for the presumed Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

Rice has been an underdog in the race the entire time but now, online sportsbooks have changed the outlook substantially.

Vice President on the Democratic Election Ticket

  • Kamala Harris +125
  • Susan Rice +200

The odds have become very tight and it has been reported that Biden may have narrowed his potential picks to a smaller group of just African-American females.

Rice and Biden worked together when she the National Security Advisor during Obama’s Presidency. Rice knows a lot about foreign policy and could help with the current health of the country.

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The experience that she could add to the ticket is what is rising the chances of her name on the Democratic ticket.

Biden has made many remarks against the Trump administration throughout his campaign and both Rice and Harris have also been critical of the President. Rice has voiced how opposed she is to how President Donald Trump has handled the pandemic which Biden most recently spoke out against.

On the other hand, Harris’ had been very adamant about defunding the police with is not something Biden supports.

With the start of national attention on police brutality and racism that has resulted in protests around the country, there’s no doubt many democrats would love to see a black woman as Biden’s VP.

With Rice’s vice-presidential betting odds continually surging, it may not be much longer before she takes the favorite status from Harris.