Wild Longshot Super Bowl Prop Bets at or Above +50000 Odds

  • A huge special request bet that combines 10 total player props seeks to predict the game and change bettor’s lives with +50000 odds.
  • A look through the odds for each player prop will help bettors predict how viable the huge parlay bet is.
  • As with any longshot, a small wager of a couple dollars could pay out huge money for bettors willing to take it.

GLENDALE, Ariz. – Huge longshot parlays combining up to 10 individual plays have been requested at Bovada, giving longshot Super Bowl odds upwards of +50000.

Online sportsbooks features one of these longshot parlays composed of player props that may be much more plausible among options that in general are extremely unlikely. This parlay combines four anytime touchdown, two rush yard, three receiving yard, and one reception props to amass a gigantic +50000 odds.

A Look at the Touchdown Props

The 10-pick parlay combines touchdown props for Jalen Hurts (-110), Travis Kelce (-130), A.J. Brown (+115) and Isiah Pacheco (+115). By the odds, this is one of the most approachable parts of the bet, as it features four of the five most favorited anytime touchdown scorers.

On the year each of these players have been quite consistent as TD scorers. Except for Pacheco, each of these players scored over 10 touchdowns on the season.

  • Hurts 15
  • Kelce 15
  • Brown 11
  • Pacheco 5

Pacheco in particular did not play much during the first half of the season, but managed four touchdowns over the last 11 games after he took over as the primary rusher.

While it is of course unlikely that all four of these players score a touchdown, they do have the odds backing them as the most likely, especially given most of their strong track records on the year.

Rush Yardage Props

The parlay also features two rush yardage props for Kenneth Gainwell over 20 and Isiah Pacheco over 49.

On the year, Gainwell has managed 20+ yards in eight out of 19 games, including the two playoff games where he went far over that. Pacheco managed 49+ in 11 of his 19 games and only going under twice since taking over as the team’s lead rusher.

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Pacheco has been very efficient as the lead back and should continue to do so, while Gainwell has shown out in a big way during the playoffs and has surely earned more playing time as a result. These two props are -114 each to go over, giving them similar odds to the anytime TD scorers.

Receiving Yardage and Receptions Legs

The final four legs of the parlay consist of Gainwell over 12 rec yards (-114), Pacheco over 16 rec yards (-114 for 17+), Dallas Goedert 49+ rec yards (-114 for 51+), and DeVonta Smith over six receptions (+100).

The track records this season for each player is decent as well, with Gainwell at six out of 19 games, Pacheco with the same six in 19 (six out of 11 since taking over lead duties), Goedert with eight through 14 games, and lastly Smith registering six or more catches in nine out of 19 matches.

Individually, the odds and history does dictate that each prop is possible/likely, but not guaranteed.

While online betting sites know this parlay is always going to be an unlikely wager, none of the props within it have odds greater than EVEN, making nine out of 10 favored by at least a small margin.

This combined with doable track records and immense +50000 odds make this one parlay that bettors will at least want to keep an eye on if not throw a few bucks on for the massive payout potential.

J. Hurts, A.J. Brown, T. Kelce, I. Pacheco 1+TD each. K. Gainwell 20+ rush & 12+ Rec yds. I. Pacheco 49+ rush & 16+ Rec yds. D. Smith 6+ Recs, D. Goedert 49+ Rec yds. (+50000)