Isiah Pacheco Favored in H2H Prop for Super Bowl 57

  • Kenneth Gainwell is the underdog for his H2H props to have more receiving yards than Isiah Pacheco for Super Bowl 57.
  • Pacheco is also favored to record a reception before Miles Sanders, even with Clyde Edwards-Helaire back from IR.

GLENDALE, Ariz. – For Super Bowl 57, Isiah Pacheco is favored in head to head props against the Philadelphia Eagles’ top two running backs. During the AFC Championship game against Cincinnati, Pacheco had five receptions from six targets for 59 total yards.

While this production has resulted in online sportsbooks in the US favoring him over Kenneth Gainwell in total receiving yards, the return of Clyde Edwards-Helaire could get in the way of this prop going in Pacheco’s favor.

Before Edwards-Helaire went on IR in November, the Chiefs running back recorded 151 receiving yards from 23 total receptions throughout ten regular season games.

Who Will Record the Most Receiving Yards in the Game?

  • Kenneth Gainwell +110
  • Isiah Pacheco -150

Over the regular season, Gainwell averaged 9.9 receiving yards per game, with 41 being the highest receiving yards game of his 2022 season. He has 35 total receiving yards for the 2022 postseason and has been worked more into the Eagles' offense as the season has progressed.

Before Edwards-Helaire suffered a high ankle sprain, Pacheco had only recorded four total receptions over a 10-game period for 13 yards. With Edwards-Helaire back into the mix, it becomes more difficult to put faith in Pacheco to continue his consistency as a pass-catching running back for KC.

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Along with his receiving yards, Pacheco is favored to record a reception before Miles Sanders for online Super Bowl 57 betting.

Who Will Catch a Pass First?

  • Miles Sanders +105
  • Isiah Pacheco -135

Over the course of the 2022 regular and postseason, Miles Sanders has recorded 21 total receptions for the Chiefs, averaging 1.1 reception per game with only one catch in the playoffs. Even though Edwards-Helaire is back in the mix, Pacheco is still l the better bet for this prop.

Isiah Pacheco H2H Props

Bet: Odds:
Isiah Pacheco to Have More Receiving Yards/Kenneth Gainwell to Have More Receiving Yards -150/+110
Isiah Pacheco to Record a Reception First/Miles Sanders to Record a Reception First -135/+105