Will A Democratic Candidate Dropout Before The Nov. 20 Debate?

  • Joe Biden remains the leader in the Democratic Primary Polls.
  • This will be the fifth Democratic debate of the primary season.
  • Two Democratic candidates have dropped out since the fourth debate.

ATLANTA – As we get closer to the 2020 Presidential Election, the Democrats are still trying to find a presidential nominee in a crowded field of candidates. The fifth Democratic presidential debate is set to take place Wednesday, November 20 at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta. The debate will be co-hosted by MSNBC and the Washington Post with the debate running from 9-11 p.m. EST.

Ten Democratic candidates have already qualified for the Atlanta debate, but it could be likely that one or more of the candidates will drop out of the race before the debate even takes place. Of the ten remaining candidates only three, former vice president Joe Biden, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and Sen. Bernie Sanders, seem like the only mainstays in the race. All three have separated themselves from the rest of the group in the polls.

The rest of the field is gradually getting left behind as liberal voters start narrowing down their choices to run against current President Donald Trump. With Tom Steyer, Sen. Cory Booker, and Sen. Kamala Harris tumbling down the polls before the debate let’s examine which Democratic presidential candidate is likely to drop out before the next debate.

Will A Democratic Candidate Dropout Before The Nov. 20 Debate?

Sen. Cory Booker

Sen. Cory Booker has already threatened to drop out of the race before because of a lack of funding for his campaign. The New Jersey senator finds himself in a similar position except it’s a lack of support from voters this time. Sportsbooks list Booker as the favorite to drop out of the Presidential race before the November 20th debate at -115 odds.

After coming close to calling it quits once this election season, this could very well be the end to the senator's quest for the White House. He’s failed to compel voters to give him a chance over the more popular candidates like Sanders, Biden, and Warren. Booker could very well stay in the race and wait for a polling miracle to happen but that seems unlikely at this point. In a Quinnipiac poll released Monday, just 1% of Democratic voters had Booker as their top choice for the Democratic nomination.  Booker will eventually drop out of the race, but it’ll more than likely come after the fifth debate.

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Tom Steyer

Billionaire Tom Steyer’s campaign has seen two advisers resign for campaign violations in recent weeks. One adviser resigned after offering money in exchange for endorsements and the other resigned after accessing the volunteer data of Sen. Kamala Harris’ campaign. This isn’t a good look for a presidential hopeful that already entered the race late and needed to quickly make a name for himself to voters.

These distractions have engulfed Steyer’s campaign and sportsbooks have him listed as a likely favorite to drop out of the race before the November 20 debate at -170 odds. Steyer doesn’t have shorter odds than Booker, but he’s likely to drop out of the race before Booker because of the infractions his campaign has already committed. Steyer is the candidate that is more than likely to drop out before the November 20th debate.

Sen. Kamala Harris

At one point it seemed like Senator Harris had a legitimate shot at winning the Democratic presidential nomination. However, that seems long ago as the political season has taken its toll on Harris’ bid for the White House. Harris has already laid off some of her staff and restructured her campaign, which is not a good sign at this point. If Harris is going to bring her campaign back from the dead, the fifth debate will be crucial for her.

Despite Harris already having to make major changes to her campaign, US sportsbooks still consider her a longshot to drop out of the race before the Nov. 20th debate listing her at +1200 odds. Harris has fallen in the polls but she’s unlikely to drop out before the fifth debate. However, it’s safe to assume that Harris will drop out sooner rather than later.