WrestleMania 37 Day 1 Betting Odds Breakdown

  • Bad Bunny and Damien Priest are heavy favorites to beat The Miz and John Morrison with -950 odds.
  • Drew McIntyre is favored to win the WWE Championship from Bobby Lashley with -200 odds.
  • Braun Strowman has -500 odds to beat Shane McMahon in a Steel Cage match.

ORLANDO, Fla.—The grandest stage of the WWE is upon sports bettors with WrestleMania 37. Bettors are in for a treat as this two-day event is loaded with different championship and high-flying matches.

Some of the matches to look out for on online sportsbooks are the tag team match between Bad Bunny and Damien Priest against The Miz and John Morrison, Bobby Lashley against Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship, and Braun Strowman going against Shane McMahon in a steel cage match.

Bad Bunny & Damien Priest Vs. The Miz & John Morrison Odds

  • Moneyline: Bunny/Priest (-950) vs. Miz/Morrison (+500)

This tag team match is one of the most highly anticipated matches in the entirety of WrestleMania 37. That is because Bad Bunny is making his WrestleMania debut in this one. This is long-awaited as Bad Bunny has had an ongoing feud with The Miz since appearing in different WWE segments.

Something that backs up Bad Bunny and Damien Priest’s heavily favored odds is that in recent history of different celebrities being in a WrestleMania match, they have all come out on top. Examples of these celebrities winning are Floyd Mayweather and former President of the United States, Donald Trump. That being said, bettors can comfortably take Bad Bunny and Damien Priest at any cost.

Bobby Lashley Vs. Drew McIntyre WWE Championship Match Odds

  • Moneyline: McIntyre (-200) vs. Lashley (+150)

This is a huge match for those that are betting on night 1 of WrestleMania. It is strange that Bobby Lashley is the defending champion and going into the match with underdog WWE odds. Especially because he just won the title not long ago.

Not to take anything away from Drew McIntyre at all as his career has been nothing short of spectacular, however, this is Lashley’s first title reign in his 16-year WWE career and it would a shame for the WWE to take it away from him so quickly.

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That being said bettors looking to cash out on longer odds can do so betting on Bobby Lashley to retain his title.

Braun Strowman Vs. Shane McMahon Steel Cage Match Odds

  • Moneyline: Strowman (-500) vs. McMahon (+300)

This match should be the highlight of the night considering that any time Shane McMahon steps in the wring at WrestleMania, he puts his body on the line. The fact that this is a steel cage match is the stage he needs to do so once more.

As for the rules of a steel cage match, it can be won either by pinfall or submission or by one wrestler climbing out of the cage. Being that Strowman’s build is 6’8 and 386 pounds, it’ll be pretty hard for him to lift his body out of the cage which gives Shane the advantage in that aspect. However, Strowman completely overpowers McMahon from a physical standpoint in which he could easily get him to a pinfall.

That being said, as much excitement McMahon might bring to the table, Strowman can be bet on to win by all means.

WrestleMania 37 is set to kick off on April 10 and conclude on April 11 and can be watched either on WWE Network or Peacock TV beginning at 7:00 p.m. EST.