WTA Tour Doubles: Chan Sisters Favored Over Schuurs, Groenefeld

  • Finding betting options with sportsbooks doesn’t have to focus on one straight wager.
  • By playing both sides of an alternate line, bettors can increase their winning percentage.
  • However, this also comes with their winning amount decreasing in total winnings.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – The WTA Finals for women’s tennis is preparing for its season end, and oddsmakers have the latest lines. While many are unfamiliar with betting on tennis, there are a few strategies that can help bettors make a small winning.

Betting On The WTA Finals

The ladies’ doubles tournament is still in the Group Stage but the action will move forward when Chan Hao-Ching and Chan Latisha take on Demi Schuurs and Anna-Lena Groenefeld.

This is projected to be a tough fought battle, as the spread is set at a half of a game. The Chan team is slightly favored (-130) over their counterparts (EVEN) and the over/under for the match is set at 19 games, with much of public money being focused on the over.

However, as betting a close match such as this can be difficult, finding other ways to make a small profit can prove to be useful.

For example, bettors can gain a small return on taking alternate game lines. If the Chan team wins by two games or more (EVEN), bettors see an equal payout as their risk. Likewise, if the Schurrs/Groenefeld duo win by two or more games (+135), the bettor would win an underdog wager.

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But betting on both of these situations can also help. While one is bound to lose, a bettor can take the risk of it not being decided by less than two games in either direction. Risking $55 on Chan -1 and $45 on their opponents at -1, bettors will see a return assuming it doesn’t end within one game.

If the Chans win, the bettor would win $10 in profit after making up for their losses and would win $5.75 in profit on the other side. While making $10 or $5.75 dollars on a $100 total risk doesn’t seem worthwhile, any wager that creates an opportunity for success is. A 5.75% – 10% return consistently will have bettors doubling their money in less than 2 weeks’ time.

If a bettor wants to take a bigger chance on the arbitrage betting, consider taking an alternative game total. Taking over 21 games (+230) and the under on 17.5 games (+210) would have bettors win more than a full unit, assuming exactly 18, 19, 20, or 21 games are not played.

No matter what a bettor decides to take, understand that exploiting the betting lines at US sportsbooks make betting on sports easier.