Steph Curry Odds Favor Him To Break 3-Point Record Against Pacers

  • Stephen Curry has +600 odds to break the 3-point record on Saturday against the Philadelphia 76ers.
  • Steph Curry is favored to break the all-time 3-point record against the Indiana Pacers with -300 odds.

SAN FRANCISCORay Allen currently holds the record for the most three-pointers made in NBA history with 2,964 made 3s. That record is close to being broken by Stephen Curry who is just 10 three-pointers away from breaking the record.

With Curry quickly approaching the record, online sportsbooks have odds when he will break the record and Monday against the Indiana Pacers is favored.

When Will Stephen Curry Break The All-Time 3 Point Record?

  • Saturday, December 11th At 76ers +600
  • Monday, December 13th At Pacers -300
  • Tuesday, December 14th At Knicks +450
  • Friday, December 17th At Celtics +6600

Potential Dates

December 13

The first date to keep in mind is the favorite - Monday - against the Indiana Pacers. Curry needs 10 three-pointers to break the record and being that he has not hit 10 three-pointers in a game this season, it makes sense as to why these odds are favored.

One thing to note is that Curry has hit 5+ three-pointers in all four games he has played in December meaning that if he continues this streak, he can hit the record in his next two games.

December 11

Before Monday though, the Warriors play against the Philadelphia 76ers on Saturday. Although Curry hasn't done so this year, he holds the record for most games with 10+ 3’s at 21 games.

The 76ers are in the bottom half of the league when it comes to opponent 3-point percentages as they let teams shoot 35.6% from beyond the arc. While a longshot, this game is a real possibility for Curry to hit 10 3’s and break the record.

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Honorable Mentions

December 14

This game against the New York Knicks has the second shortest NBA odds to be when Curry breaks the record being that Curry averages 3.7 3’s per game this season.

This would mean that Curry would stay under 5 three-pointers in the two games before facing the Knicks.

December 17

This matchup against the Boston Celtics has the longest odds being that Curry averages more than 10 three-pointers across a three-game span and this is the fourth game on the odds board. However, there is great meaning to this game being that it is a home game while all the others are road games.

Also, the Boston Celtics are the team that Ray Allen broke the former record with, potentially making its own NBA storyline.