Betting on Fields and Wentz INTs on Thursday Night Football

  • The Thursday Night Football matchup between Carson Wentz and Justin Fields features two quarterbacks ranking inside the top ten for interceptions thrown.
  • Betting on Wentz (-120) and Fields (-115) to throw an interception is the best bet for the game based on their performance this season and other quarterbacks on TNF.

CHICAGO - Two much-maligned quarterbacks are taking center stage on Thursday Night Football when Justin Fields and the Chicago Bears host the Carson Wentz-led Washington Commanders.

Betting On Interceptions by both Quarterbacks

Betting on each of the quarterbacks in this game to throw at least one interception is likely the best bet available for the Thursday Night Football matchup at NFL sportsbooks.

On Bovada, Wentz has -120 odds and Fields has -115 odds to go over 0.5 interceptions. Each of them is likely to throw at least one, although they are each likely to for different reasons:

  • Carson Wentz: Ranking second in the entire NFL in passing attempts and third in the league in interceptions, Wentz has thrown an interception in four of five games this season. Wentz has thrown at least two interceptions in more games (2) than in games with none (1).
  • Justin Fields: Ranking second worst in the NFL behind only draft classmate Mac Jones in interception rate, Justin Fields has thrown an interception on 4.5% of his passes this season. The Bears attempt to limit this issue by not putting too much pressure on him and not asking him to throw the ball a lot, but the turnover problem persists. Fields ranks 32nd in the NFL in attempts, but ninth in interceptions thrown.

Betting on a Thursday Night Football Curse

There has been a lot of public discussion surrounding the poor play of quarterbacks on nationally televised games this season, and breaking the numbers down by Thursday Night Football games confirms the fact.

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Breaking down the quarterback performances based on the key differences through five weeks suggests betting against good quarterback play in Week Six on TNF:

  • Overall: 245.5 Yards Per Game, 1.3 Touchdown Passes Per Game, 1.1 Interceptions Per Game
  • Underdog Quarterbacks: 228.4 YPG, 0.8 Touchdowns Per Game, 1.4 Interceptions Per Game
  • Favored Quarterbacks: 262.6 Yards Per Game, 1.8 Touchdowns Per Game, 0.8 Interceptions Per Game
  • Home Quarterbacks: 251.2 Yards Per Game, 1.4 Touchdowns Per Game, 1 Interception Per Game
  • Away Quarterbacks: 239.8 Yards Per Game, 1.2 Touchdowns Per Game, 1.2 Interceptions Per Game

The only breakdown that averages less than one interception per game is favored quarterbacks, and that average of 0.8 INTs would still round up.

Based on both quarterback’s performances this year, the Thursday Night Football curse, and near even betting odds, betting on Justin Fields (-115) and Carson Wentz (-120) to throw an interception is the best bet available at online sportsbooks.