Betting Specials for Donald Trump’s Aug. 3 Court Appearance

  • Betting odds are available for various outcomes at Donald Trump’s court appearance on Thursday.
  • Props include betting on Trump’s tie color if he will no-show the court appearance, and if he will be found guilty on charges.
  • There are -350 odds that Donald Trump will be found guilty of one or more charges from 2020 election result actions.

WASHINGTON – Bovada Sportsbook has odds available for different special props regarding Donald Trump’s upcoming court date. All Donald Trump special bets apply to his appearance to the Washington D.C. court on Thursday.

Odds for the Color of Trump’s Tie At Court Appearance

  • Red -4000
  • Blue +1200
  • Black +1800
  • Brown +3000
  • Green +3000
  • Orange +3000
  • Purple +4000
  • Stars And Stripes Design +4000
  • White +4000
  • Yellow +4000
  • Bow Tie +10000

The correct tie color will be based on Trump’s first showing on CBS during his court appearance. Red is a heavy favorite based on Trump’s notoriety for wearing the Republican-red tie, but black with +1800 odds at USA online sportsbooks is a valuable alternative.

Donald Trump Court Appearance Special Bets

  • To Enter Court Holding Hands with Melania Trump +1000
  • To Not Appear and Receive a Warrant for Arrest +1200

This isn’t the first time there have been Trump betting specials at Bovada, and likely not the last with Trump leading as the Republican presidential candidate.

It’s highly unlikely that Donald Trump would no-show his court appearance as it would greatly hurt his chances to run for president. The +1000 political betting odds are worth a bet to walk into the courthouse while holding hands with his wife, Melania Trump.

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Odds that Donald Trump Will be Found Guilty of One or More Charges

  • Yes -350
  • No +245

Betting on the Trump charges applies to the 2023 federal charges relating to 2020 election result actions. A betting description at Bovada Sportsbook states that the verdict must be guilty of one charge or more.

These Donald Trump betting specials at Bovada are set to expire at 9 a.m. ET on Thursday.