Big Brother 23 Betting Comes To A Close With BB23 Finale

  • Xavier Prather is the Big Brother 23 betting favorite at -1000 odds while Derek Frazier and Azah Awasum are plus-money odds.
  • Derek holds the longest odds to win, at +1000, while Azah’s dropped from +1200 to +175 odds over the last week.
  • Tiffany Mitchell (-110) surpassed Derek X (+150) as the America’s Favorite Houseguest favorite.

LOS ANGELES – As the Big Brother 23 finale takes place on Wednesday with a two-hour show on CBS, a winner will be crowned to take home $750,000.

All season, Xavier Prather was atop the betting board and enters the BB23 season finale as the odds on favorite, to nobody’s surprise.

Odds To Win Big Brother 23

  • Xavier Prather -1000
  • Azah Awasum +175
  • Derek Frazier +1000

For the season, the odds at online sportsbooks moved in favor of Xavier much more than Azah Awasum or Derek Frazier.

Opening at +350, Xavier never exceeded +500 odds (+450 on Aug. 4) and was as short as +150 (Sept. 2). Azah declined from the start (+1200), maxing out at +3300 (Aug. 11) but never reaching as low as her opening odds. On the flip side, Derek opened as the longest longshot (+2500) and found himself in freefall until hitting +4000 odds on Sept. 2.

Even host Julie Chen-Moonves is leaning toward the favorite in Xavier.

“I feel Xavier has been playing an excellent game. He has been following the rules, he’s funny and honest in his diary room sessions, he’s incredibly likable, and my guess is, if he makes it to the final two, he will present his case beautifully.”

Voting Possibilities For Each BB Houseguest

Case For Xavier As Big Brother Winner – Five competition wins (2 HOH, 3 Veto), favorite since Derek X was evicted, most deserving in eyes of jury.

Case Against Xavier For Winning BB23 – The women in jury could team up against him to see the first African American female winner… otherwise, nothing.

  • Potential Votes Vs Big D: Win 8-1 – Britini, Derek X, Sarah Beth, Claire, Alyssa, Tiffany, Hannah, Azah
  • Potential Votes Vs Azah: Win 6-3 – Derek X, Sarah Beth, Alyssa, Tiffany, Hannah, Kyland

Case For Azah To Win Big Brother – Strong social game never creating waves, 1 HOH win, only nominated once.

Case Against Azah Winning BB23 – Little control over how the season played out, can’t beat Xavier in final two.

  • Potential Votes Vs Big D: Win 8-1 – Britini, Derek X, Sarah Beth, Claire, Alyssa, Tiffany, Hannah, Kyland
  • Potential Votes Vs Xavier: Lose 6-3 – Sarah Beth, Claire, Derek F

Case For Derek To Win BB23 – One of the most outgoing houseguests ever, has good relationships with most members of the jury.

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Case Against Derek F Winning Big Brother – Never won a competition (usually first out), won’t be seen as a serious houseguest from the jury.

  • Potential Votes Vs Azah: Lose 8-1 – Xavier
  • Potential Votes Vs Xavier: Lose 8-1 – Kyland

The Swing Votes In BB23

Ultimately, the winner of Big Brother Season 23 may come down to Hannah and Tiffany. Xavier is locked in as the winner if he is next to Big D. However, sitting next to Azah, the women have the power to vote in the first African American Big Brother winner as well as the first African American female BB winner. This is something they have been pushing for all season.

While Xavier certainly has the statistics behind him, this backing could permit Azah to sneak in a victory.

Still, the final result may come down to the final HOH, as this may be the last boost the jury needs to pass their vote. Other than Alyssa – who would 100% vote for Xavier regardless of his competitor – the rest of the jury is up in the air.

Odds To Win America’s Favorite Houseguest – BB23

Aside from the winner of BB23, those betting on TV shows like Big Brother also can look at odds for America’s Favorite Houseguest.

As the +110 favorite just over a month ago, Derek X now finds himself second to Tiffany.

Favorite Houseguest Odds For Big Brother 23

  • Tiffany Mitchell -110
  • Derek Xiao +150
  • Derek Frazier +700
  • Britini D’Angelo +2500
  • Kyland Young +2500
  • Azah Awasum +3000
  • Hannah Chaddha +3000
  • Xavier Prather +3000
  • Claire Rehfuss +3500
  • Christian Birkenberger +6600
  • Sarah Beth Steagall +6600
  • Alyssa Lopez +10000
  • Brandon French +10000
  • Brent Champagne +10000
  • Travis Long +10000
  • Whitney Williams +10000

As a +600 dog (3rd overall) on Aug. 18, Tiffany wasn’t even one of the top five vote-getters for the first week of BB High Roller Room.

Flash forward to the BB Season 23 finale and Tiffany is in line to receive $50,000.

In what seems like a runoff between The Cookout manufacturer and the season-long favorite, Derek’s odds were as high as -800 before being sent to jury.

Regardless, the BB season is coming to an end when the two-hour finale is broadcast on CBS’s Wednesday slate at 8 p.m. ET.