Big Brother 24 Betting: America’s Favorite Houseguest

  • Taylor Hale is the current favorite to win America’s Favorite Houseguest on Big Brother 24 with -250 odds.
  • Michael Bruner (+550) and Matthew Turner (+700) have potential value in this betting line.

LOS ANGELESBig Brother 24 is in full swing and sportsbooks have posted updated odds for who will be voted ‘Americas Favorite Houseguest’.

Taylor Hale is the current favorite to win with the shortest odds but bettors could find more value in taking Michael Bruner or Matthew Turner for the votes.

Entertainment betting odds for Hale may not be as profitable despite the likelier outcome of her claiming the most votes.

America's Favorite Houseguest Odds

  • Taylor Hale -250
  • Michael Bruner +550
  • Kyle Capener +1200
  • Matthew Turner +700
  • Joseph Abdin +2200
  • Brittany Hoopes +2500
  • Monte Taylor +2500
  • Alyssa Snider +3300
  • Jasmine Davis +3300
  • Indiana Santos +5000
  • Terrance Higgins +5000
  • Nicole Layog +10000
  • Ameerah Jones +10000
  • Joe Pucciarelli +12500
  • Daniel Durston +12500
  • Paloma Aguilar +12500

Taylor Hale Fan Favorite

Hale has seemingly been a strong fan favorite since Big Brother 24 started. She gained sympathy online from former Big Brother competitors because of her mistreatment from house guests early on and this translated down to fans as well.

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The strong social media push for Taylor is what has sportsbooks leaning so heavily in her favor. However, Taylor’s lack of support in the house itself could lead to an earlier eviction.

Taylor being sent home could result in an out of sight out of mind scenario where fans fall for another houseguest. Odds for the likes of Michael and Matthew could net a major profit in this case.

Other Notable Betting Favorites

Starting with Michael, at +550 odds this is not a bad pick. Bruner is currently one of two Head of Households (HOH) and is in the Leftovers alliance alongside Taylor and the pair have a solid relationship within the house.

Michael is an elite competitor that has played the game to the benefit of his alliance thus far, a quality that could win fans over and earn him the votes.

Meanwhile, Turner (also in the Leftovers) has won an HOH and is a strong competitor. Fans who respect the competition of the game more so than the political schemes could lean in his favor.