Celebrity Betting Odds: Odds On Rhianna, A$AP Rocky Pregnancy

  • There are -130 odds for Rhianna and A$AP Rocky to have a boy.
  • Rhianna and A$AP Rocky have +250 odds to get married before they give birth.
  • There are +900 odds on the celebrity couple to give birth to twins.

LAS VEGAS – Two of the hottest names in the celebrity hip hop world right now are Rhianna and A$AP Rocky and it is not because of the music that they are producing. It is because the celebrity couple has recently announced that they are expecting their first child with each other.

The two first started dating back in April of 2021 and are now expecting their first child nine months later. With the news on their pregnancy, online betting sites have unloaded no shortage of odds regarding to all aspects of their pregnancy. Those odds include the gender of the baby, if the couple will get married before or after the birth, and even if they will give birth to twins.

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What’s Out There?

Gender Of Rhianna And A$AP Rocky’s Baby Odds

  • Male -130
  • Female +100

This is easily the most expected set of entertainment betting odds upon their pregnancy announcement. This is one of those bets where no research is needed and it offers a solid payout. A $100 bet on the baby being born a male with give $77 while it would be an even $100 profit if they have a female.

Rhianna/A$AP Rocky To Have Twins? Odds

  • No -2000
  • Yes +900

These odds are simple as bettors can wager of if the couple will give birth to twins or not. Being that giving birth to twins is rare already, the odds are set where a $100 wager would only give back $5. On the other side of the line, if she does have twins, those that were willing to risk $100 could be staring at a $900 profit.

There has also been speculation on the couple having twins after supermodel, Gigi Hadid left a comment on one of Rhianna’s pregnancy pictures saying “Three Angels.”

When Will Rhianna And A$AP Rocky Get Married? Odds

  • After Baby’s Birth -500
  • Before Baby’s Birth +250

All signs are pointing towards the couple getting hitched following the birth of their child. Right now, the couple is focusing on making sure that the birth goes smoothly and that their baby is healthy and the stress of wedding could cause a rift. Also, there have been numerous reports of the two confirming their marriage after giving birth in Barbados, where Rhianna is from. When betting $100, $20 could be made on the favorite while $250 could be made on the underdog.