Distance-Based Prop Bets for Super Bowl LVII

  • The Kansas City Chiefs are -110 to have the longest play from scrimmage in the game.
  • The shortest touchdown in the game is -160 to be under 1.5 yards.
  • Shortest made field goal sports +110 odds to be under 27.5 yards.

GLENDALE Ariz. – Super Bowl LVII between the 1.5-point favorite Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs brings together two extremely talented offenses. Distance-based props for the offense and special teams are a unique and fun way to wager money on the game.

Among these props, shortest touchdown, shortest made field goal, and longest play from scrimmage are going to be of interest for bettors. Online gambling sites have given each of these props decent odds that bettors can exploit through analyzing seasonal stats for both teams.

Two Dynamic Offenses Produce Big Plays

By odds, the closest prop is longest play from scrimmage, where the Eagles are favored at -120 odds whilst the Chiefs are at -110. It shouldn’t be very surprising that the Chiefs consistently put together more big plays than any other team, ranking first in the league in 25+ yard completions by 11 more than the second place Eagles.

Throughout the season, Patrick Mahomes logged 10 games with a completion of 40 or more yards, while Hurts did so in nine. In terms of 50 yard passes, Mahomes also leads with five games, and Hurts is close with four.

A major help for this prop is passing frequency, as the Eagles are one of only four teams who run more than they pass. Meanwhile, the Chiefs pass almost 62% of the time. While not guaranteed, it is reasonable to assume pass plays have a much higher upside to be the longest play of the game when compared to a run.

Thus, with -110 odds for the Chiefs, bettors will watch eagerly to see huge plays unfold in the game, likely through the immense arm talent of Mahomes and deep threats like Justin Watson or Marquez Valdes-Scantling. With a higher likelihood due to pass frequency, bettors can enjoy near-even -110 odds for the Chiefs to have the longest play from scrimmage.

Shortest TD and Field Goal Props Spotlight Eagles

With a shortest TD line of 1.5 yards set at -160 for the under by online sportsbooks, looking at the touchdown logs for each team will be crucial to determining how good the value on the odds are.

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For the Eagles, they scored nine touchdowns that were within one yard, while the Chiefs scored six. In terms of defense, the Eagles allowed 11 touchdowns of one yard, and the Chiefs allowed just seven. While the numbers seem inconclusive, the offensive philosophy of the Eagles in the red zone makes them a likely candidate to get to and score on the one-yard line.

This is especially true in regards to Jalen Hurts, who had 20 rush attempts inside the five yard line along with Miles Sanders with 11. Simply, the Eagles are committed to running the ball in the redzone and are thus more likely to slowly push the defense along down to the one yard line. With this, bettors can have some confidence in the -160 odds for the shortest TD of the day being a one yarder.

Shortest made field goal is a tricky prediction to make, but has some merit through kicker game logs. Harrison Butker logged five games with a 27-yard or less field goal, while Jake Elliott did so in four.

With the combination of ideas like Philly’s stout defense making a redzone stand against the Chiefs or the Eagles run game getting stuffed inside the 10-yard line, +110 odds for the shortest field goal to be 27 yards or less presents an intriguing value for bettors keen on the Chiefs and Eagles being bend but don’t break defenses.