Does Pat McAfee’s New WWE Deal Change His Summerslam Odds?

  • Pat McAfee recently re-upped his deal with WWE, extending it for multiple years.
  • McAfee is -220 to defeat former Colts teammate Happy Corbin at Summerslam.
  • Corbin’s brutal attack on McAfee left him in a neck brace.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Former Colts punter, current WWE commentator Pat McAfee recently re-upped his deal with WWE. This is for him to remain in his current position via a multi-year contract extension.

The host of The Pat McAfee Show will face off against Happy Corbin in a matchup at SummerSlam, but does his new contract change how the match should be handicapped?

WWE – SummerSlam – McAfee Vs. Corbin Odds

  • Pat McAfee -220
  • Happy Corbin +160

According to BetOnline,  the online sportsbook who currently hosts these odds, the answer is almost certainly yes, as McAfee is a more than 2:1 favorite over Happy Corbin.

The rivalry between McAfee and Corbin goes far back – farther even than the WWE. The two both attended Indianapolis Colts training camp in 2009, with McAfee winning the starting punter job, but Corbin – then known as Thomas Pestock – ending up released from the team.

This culminated in a brutal attack on McAfee at Money In The Bank, which put McAfee in a neck brace (presumably kayfabed).

McAfee’s new contract might mean that it’s time for him to pick up some wins as an active wrestler.

The terms of the deal were not disclosed, although the WWE did say that “the new pact will see McAfee entertaining the WWE Universe for years to come.”

They did not, however, specify in what capacity McAfee will be entertaining for the most part. However, they did note that:

“Earlier this year, McAfee delighted fans and lit up social media with a WrestleMania debut for the ages at AT&T Stadium in Dallas when battling Theory, Mr. McMahon, and even getting stunned by “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.”

This could imply more of an in-ring future for McAfee – a future that would surely be bolstered by a victory over Corbin, who has proven to be able to maintain his heat regardless of his losses.

The flipside of this is that a new contract could mean that McAfee doesn’t need to get a push as a wrestler, and instead will be put in spots to pop the crowd on big events, but not necessarily pick up wins over main roster members such as Corbin.

BetOnline is willing to bet on the former. The latter, represented by Corbin’s odds, is plus money.