Evan Mobley Surpasses Barnes, Cunningham In NBA ROY Odds

  • Evan Mobley is favored to win the ROY with +150 odds.
  • Scottie Barnes has +250 odds to win the Rookie of the Year.
  • Cade Cunningham has +300 odds to win the ROY.

CLEVELAND – With the NBA season nearing the midway point, the race to win the Rookie of the Year has been steaming hot as Cleveland Cavaliers center, Evan Mobley has taken over the top spot on the odds board.

2022 NBA Rookie Of The Year Odds

  • Evan Mobley +150
  • Scottie Barnes +250
  • Cade Cunningham +300
  • Jalen Green +1500
  • Josh Giddey +2200
  • Chris Duarte +4000

Mobley Hanging On To The Top Spot

Mobley originally opened up the season on online sportsbooks with +550 odds to win the Rookie of the Year and has been climbing the odds board at a steady pace ever since.

The 6’11 USC product is having a great rookie season as he is putting up 14 ppg, 8.5 rpg, 2.5 apg, and 1.9 blkpg. His 1.9 blocks per game are good for the fourth-highest block average this season.

It is also worth noting that out of Mobley, Cade Cunningham, and Scottie Barnes, Mobley has had the greatest impact on his team being that the Cavaliers sit with a 16-11 record which is good for fifth in the Eastern Conference.

Looking at Scottie Barnes, the Toronto Raptors have struggled this season as they sit in 11th place in the east with a 12-14 record. As for Cunningham, the Detroit Pistons currently have the worst record in the NBA at 4-22.

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One of the biggest arguments that Mobley has over both Barnes and Cunningham is that three of the past five Rookie of the Year winners have all helped their teams reach the playoffs in their rookie seasons.

Barnes, Cunningham Not To Be Counted Out

Aside from the playoff argument that Mobley holds over Barnes and Cunningham, their numbers are speaking for themselves as both of them are averaging more points per game than Mobley.

Barnes is currently averaging 15.1 ppg, 8.3 rpg, and 3.3 apg while Cunningham is going for 15.8 ppg, 6.2 rpg, and 4.6 apg. The playoff argument does hold true value here as Cunningham’s stats could prove more valuable than Barnes, but with the worst record in the league, he sits behind him on the odds board.

If both of them could begin to translate their stats into team wins, they could contend with Mobley for the top spot, but until then, Mobley has a firm lock on the shortest NBA ROY odds.