Political Betting Odds For The Second Impeachment Of Donald Trump

  • A total of 67 votes are needed from both Republican and Democratic Senators are needed to impeach Donald Trump.
  • Despite facing possible impeachment Donald is listed at +800 odds to win the 2024 US Presidential Election.
  • A total of 67 or more Senators voting to convict Donald Trump For Incitement by April 29 are listed at +1600 odds.

WASHINGTON D.C. – The US Senate is set to begin the trial regarding the second impeachment of former President Donald Trump today. The Senate will first vote on if the trial is constitutional after the House of Representatives approved the Articles of Impeachment in January with a 232-197 vote.

The trial in the now Democratic-controlled Senate will be much different than the first impeachment trial of Trump in 2017. This is also because Trump is no longer a sitting President now that Joe Biden has already been sworn in, marking a historic time in US political history.

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Bovada has listed a betting prop for bettors to wager on the exact amount of Senate votes to impeach Trump.

How Many Senators Will Vote To Convict Donald Trump On Incitement By April 29?

  • 50 or Fewer +1600
  • 51 or 52 +800
  • 53 or 54 +210
  • 55 or 56 +180
  • 57 or 58 +800
  • 59 or 60 +2000
  • 61 or 62 +5000
  • 63 or 64 +10000
  • 65 or 66 +10000
  • 67 or more +1600

In total, 67 votes will be needed for an impeachment and with a 50/50 split in the Senate, at least 17 Republicans will have to break party lines to convict Trump. Getting two-thirds of the Senate to vote for impeachment with 67 or more votes is listed at +1600 odds.

There are 48 Democrats and two independent Senators that are all expected to vote for impeachment so there’s at least a minimum of 50 votes going towards a conviction which means bettors should stay away from the 50 or fewer odds at +1600. The best betting value lies with the 57 or 58 at +800 odds as there will be a handful of Republican Senators that will go against the party and vote to impeach Trump.

If convicted of inciting the January 6th riot that resulted in a mob storming the US Capitol, Trump would be barred from ever running for or holding office ever again. Despite Trump’s looming impeachment decision, he remains the Republican with the shortest political betting odds to win the 2024 US President Election at +800.

Odds To Win 2024 US Presidential Election

  • Kamala Harris +450
  • Joe Biden +550
  • Donald Trump Sr. +800
  • Nikki Haley +1200
  • Mike Pence +1600
  • Michelle Obama +2000
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez +2500
  • Beto O’Rourke +2500
  • Pete Buttigieg +2500

The results of the impeachment trial in the Senate will have a major impact on 2024 US Presidential Election betting. Removing Trump from the candidate pool would make Nikki Haley at +1200, the Republican with the shortest odds to win the 2024 Election. As the impeachment trial moves forward Political bettors would be smart to keep an eye on the 2024 Presidential odds.