President Donald Trump Becomes Election Live Betting Favorite

  • President Donald Trump is now the -250 favorite to win the Presidential Election.
  • Joe Biden was favored at -150 before election day.
  • Trump is projected to maintain many major states from his 2016 campaign.

WASHINGTON - With the 2020 Presidential Election underway and states' votes being reported in at a rapid pace, president Donald Trump has managed to shift his odds from longshot to heavy favorite to be reelected.

Prior to election day, former VP Joe Biden was the heavy favorite to take the victory. As the results have gone, sports bettors have begun hounding sportsbooks with action on the President to remain.

The night is not yet over, but the early projections have sports bettors conceding and leaning in favor of the Republican Party taking the win.

Will Trump Remain?

As of the time of writing, those live betting on the 2020 Presidential Election are taking the president as the favorite to remain in office.

US Presidential Election 2020 - Odds To Win

  • Donald Trump -250
  • Joe Biden +180

As the night progresses, however, the odds are sure to shift. Sports bettors who want to take Joe Biden may want to jump on these odds right now as this may be the best of the night.

The West Coast states have yet to be counted as many of their polls have just closed or haven't closed as of yet.

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Biden and Trump are also neck and neck in North Carolina and Ohio currently, which will be a major game-deciding states for the end of the election day.

Despite sports bettors leaning in favor of Trump, the current electoral college votes have Biden in the lead, although this is a slight lead and states like Texas, Florida, and Georgia have yet to be counted and they are expected to lean red.

Electoral College Votes

  • Joe Biden 131
  • Donald Trump 98

Despite Biden being ahead in the electoral college votes, the popular vote is leaning in favor of Trump as the president is holding 50.2% of the popular vote to Biden’s 48.2%.

If you want to wager on Trump it may be best to wait until the West Coast votes are counted as they may be able to close the gap between the two candidates. If you are betting on Biden to take the win, now would be the best times as his odds at online sportsbooks may not stay as appealing.