The Power Of Ohio: Biden, Trump Battle For Swing State

  • Donald Trump has -250 odds to win Ohio.
  • Joe Biden has +195 longshot odds.
  • In every presidential election since 1972, the winner has also won Ohio.

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Out of all the swing states in the Presidential Election, Ohio historically has been the most important.

No president has won the election without also winning Ohio since 1972, and current votes have both candidates going back and forth.

Sports bettors are leaning in favor of Trump, however, as the President is heavily favored to take the win yet again in the Buckeye State.

All Comes Down To Ohio

Political bettors expect Utah to remain a red state this election, with Trump having the shortest odds at online sportsbooks.

Ohio Election Odds

  • Donald Trump -250
  • Joe Biden +195

Not since Richard Nixon back in 1960 has any President managed to win the election without also winning Ohio. The Buckeye State is a major factor in this election as well as it may be a deciding factor in the final results.

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Biden and Trump are relatively close in Ohio with 92% reporting. Donald Trump does look to be pushing ahead, however.

Ohio Election Results (At Time Of Writing)

  • Donald trump 53.2%
  • Joe Biden 45.3%
  • Joe Jorgensen 1.1%
  • Howie Hawkins 0.3%

As President Trump continues to separate himself from Biden, USA online sportsbooks are reflecting a similar trend, Trump has the shortest odds currently.

US Presidential Election 2020 - Odds To Win (At Time Of Writing)

  • Donald Trump -295
  • Joe Biden +215

If history repeats itself, then the winner of Ohio will determine who wins the presidency yet again. Donald Trump being favored in both Ohio and the election as a whole, as well as leading in the votes reinforces this belief.