Betting on Team USA’s First Half World Cup Odds Against Iran

  • Team USA has +550 odds to lead by one goal after the first half of their World Cup matchup against Iran.
  • The USA World Cup soccer team has +1600 odds to score over 2.5 goals in the first gal against Iran.
  • England and the USA ended in a draw on Friday but England beat Iran 6-2 on the 21 of November.

QATAR – The 2022 FIFA World Cup action continues with an important match between the USA and Iran, where the winner will move on to the round of 16. Team USA is currently the slight favorite odds to win the match and is favored by half of a goal but has the most value for the first half odds and props.

Odds to Win First Half

  • Iran +420
  • USA +185
  • Draw EVEN

After their first two games of the tournament ended in a draw, team USA needs to finally win one to move on. If this game ends in a draw, either Iran or Wales will move on to the round of 16 and the USA will fail to make it past the group stage for the first time since 2006.

Along with their odds to win the tournament, online sportsbooks also have props for which team will be leading after the first half of the match. In team USA’s draw against Wales, they were leading after the first half 1-0.

First Half Spread USA Odds

  • +0.5, +1 -900
  • +0.5 -525
  • 0, +0.5 -250
  • 0.0 -200
  • -0.5 +175
  • -0.5, -1 +270
  • -1.0 +550

Online World Cup sportsbooks do not just have alternative spreads for the first half, but alternative total points for the first half that favor the first half not seeing over 2.5 goals for either team.

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USA First Half Total Goals

  • Over 0.5 +111
  • Under 0.5 -132
  • Over 1.5 +550
  • Under 1.5 -900
  • Over 2.5 +1600
  • Under 2.5 -10000

Iran First Half Total Goals

  • Over 0.5 +195
  • Under 0.5 -245
  • Over 1.5 +1095
  • Under 1.5 -2500
  • Over 2.5 +2000
  • Under 2.5 -25000

Even though team USA ended in a draw against England during their last match, the USA held their ground defensively, whereas Iran gave up six goals to England during their first 2022 World Cup matchup.

If team USA can get their offense rolling early on and put up similar numbers to England against Iran, players could win big on the USA’S first half total. Scoring three goals or more in the first 45 minutes of regulation would profit $800 on a $50 wager.

Can Team USA lead by 2.5 goals after the first half?