Political Betting Odds – Will President Biden Be Impeached?

Joe Biden

Sportsbooks have posted odds for President Biden’s impeachment. Several government officials are coming forward and requesting that Biden be removed from office. The heavily favored odds of -2500 say President Biden will not be impeached. WASHINGTON – Reports are making the rounds about impeaching current U.S. President Joe Biden and sportsbooks have taken note of … Read more

Political Betting Odds For The Second Impeachment Of Donald Trump

Donald Trump

A total of 67 votes are needed from both Republican and Democratic Senators are needed to impeach Donald Trump. Despite facing possible impeachment Donald is listed at +800 odds to win the 2024 US Presidential Election. A total of 67 or more Senators voting to convict Donald Trump For Incitement by April 29 are listed … Read more

Super Bowl 55 Betting Odds: Will Biden Or Trump Be Mentioned?

Trump and Biden

Super Bowl 55 betting odds are favoring President Joe Biden to tweet Under 0.5 times during the game at -400 odds. The Weeknd has shorter odds to mention Joe Biden than Donald Trump during the Halftime Show. Odds are favoring the broadcasters to not even mention Joe Biden at -550 odds. TAMPA, Fla. – As … Read more

Political Betting: Best Joe Biden Inauguration Prop Bets

Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s inauguration speech word total is set at 2075.5 words. The time of the inauguration speech is set at 18 minutes. WASHINGTON – The day has come where Joe Biden will be sworn into office as the President of the United States. Biden’s presidential inauguration will take place on Wednesday and begin at 12:00 … Read more

The Three Weirdest Betting Headlines From 2020

2020 Betting Highlights

Presidential election betting has lasted far longer than one would expect. The UFC returned after two months off to enormous revenue. Intelligent Alien Life has +1400 odds of being discovered before 2022. LAS VEGAS – 2020 has been a weird year for everyone. From the global pandemic to the presidential election, the year has been … Read more

Who Will Admit Defeat First Between Donald Trump And The Steelers?

Donald Trump - Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers are the only undefeated 8-0 team in the NFL. The Steelers have +110 odds to lose a game before Trump concedes the election. Donald Trump has -150 odds to concede the election before the Steelers lose a game. PITTSBURGH – With the Presidential Election all but over, Donald Trump has yet to … Read more

Pennsylvania Electoral College Creates The Focus Of 2020 Presidency

Pennsylvania Target

Joe Biden is a -575 favorite to win Pennsylvania. Donald Trump is a +425 underdog to win the state. Biden has -700 odds to win the overall election, which he can do without PA. PHILADELPHIA – Pennsylvania looks pretty likely to be the most important state on the board in the current electoral cycle. PA … Read more

Democrats Closing In: Favored In Every State But North Carolina

Election map

Democrats have -310 odds to win Arizona. Democrats are favored to win Georgia with -200 odds. Republicans are favored to win North Carolina with -370 odds. LAS VEGAS – As the Presidential Election continues, certain states are continuing to count their votes as well. The states that are still counting their votes include Arizona, Georgia, … Read more

2020 Election Update: Turnout O/U, Record Handle and Current Odds

Election Update

Voter turnout had an O/U line of 149.5 million in the 2020 election cycle. In fact, turnout was the highest in over a century, hitting around 66% or more. Joe Biden is currently favored to win the election with -430 odds. LAS VEGAS – While the final margins are still in doubt, one thing is … Read more

All Eyes Turn To Nevada’s Election Betting Odds With Delayed Counting


Nevada opened as a -450 odds favorite to vote for Joe Biden in the electoral college. Nevada’s odds grew as high as -1400 but have regressed to -900 since Day 2 started. LAS VEGAS – Into Day 2 of the US Presidential Election, Joe Biden holds the favorite status at online sportsbooks. As he holds … Read more