Presidential Election Loser Favored To Concede Past Nov. 13

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An increased number of mail-in ballots are expected for this year’s election due to COVID-19 concerns by the public. With less people on staff to count the ballots, there could be an increase in the delay of the final tally. Donald Trump has said publicly before that he won’t concede to the results of the … Read more

How The 2020 Election Will Come Down To Florida, Pennsylvania

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Joe Biden has -190 odds to win the presidential election on November 3rd. The Democrats have -275 odds to win Pennsylvania, a swing state. Dems have -135 odds to win Florida, which is also incredibly important – and notably closer. LAS VEGAS – Joe Biden is favored to win the presidential election on November 3rd. … Read more

Joe Biden Now A -200 Favorite Over Trump At Sportsbooks

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Democratic Nominee Joe Biden is now a -200 favorite to win the 2020 US Presidential Election. Since President Trump announced that he tested positive for COVID-19 his odds to win the Presidency have become longer. President Donald Trump has +170 odds to win his bid for re-election. WASHINGTON D.C. — The 2020 US Presidential Election … Read more

Debate Night In America: Odds Still Favor Joe Biden After First Debate

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Joe Biden and Donald Trump wrapped up their first presidential debate on Tuesday. In one poll, 69% of respondents said that the debate made them feel “annoyed”. Joe Biden was generally regarded as the winner in snap polls, and his odds have grown stronger. LAS VEGAS – The first presidential debate of the 2020 election … Read more

Which Are The Best Presidential Prop Bets For The First Debate?

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The COVID-19 Pandemic (+170) and Public records are favored to be first debated with +200 odds. Donald Trump has -800 odds of not wearing a mask while walking to the podium. Joe Biden is favored to be wearing a mask while walking to the podium with -275 odds. WASHINGTON – As the Presidential Election continues … Read more

Sportsbooks Once Again Favor Trump To Beat Biden In November

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Donald Trump has now overtaken Joe Biden as the favorite to win the 2020 Presidential Election with -120 odds at BetOnline. The Republican Party is favored to win the US Presidential Election with -110 odds. The Democratic Party is heavily favored to win the popular vote at -400 odds. WASHINGTON – The Presidential campaign season … Read more

Dana White Republican National Convention Speech Betting Props

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Dana White is scheduled to speak on Day 4 (Thursday) of the Republican National Convention. Dana White saying Make America Great Again comes with +300 odds. Dana White has +200 odds to be wearing a white shirt while making his speech. CHARLOTTE — The Republican National Convention (RNC) is underway as some of the biggest … Read more

Is Now The Best Time To Bet On Trump’s Re-election Bid?

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Joe Biden has the shortest odds to win the US Presidential Election at -155. President Donald Trump is listed at +125 odds to win the 2020 Presidential Election. Joe Biden is favored despite not having a Vice President selected yet. WASHINGTON – The 2020 US Presidential race is set to heat up as the final stretch … Read more

NBA Social Justice Props: Kneeling, LBJ Interviews, Trump Tweets

Black Lives Matter - NBA

The over/under for players kneeling in the Lakers/Clippers game is 7.5 with the over favored at -200. The over/under for players kneeling in the Jazz/Pelicans game is 5.5 and the over is favored with -250 odds. Donald Trump’s odds of tweeting at the National Anthem protests are an underdog at +350 odds. The over/under for … Read more