Political Betting: Best Joe Biden Inauguration Prop Bets

Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s inauguration speech word total is set at 2075.5 words. The time of the inauguration speech is set at 18 minutes. WASHINGTON – The day has come where Joe Biden will be sworn into office as the President of the United States. Biden’s presidential inauguration will take place on Wednesday and begin at 12:00 … Read more

Betting Odds Leave Attorney General Position Wide Open

Doug Jones - Sally Yates

Doug Jones is favored to be selected as the next Attorney General with +150 odds. Sally Yates has +300 odds to be the next Attorney General. Merrick Garland has longshot +600 odds at becoming the next Attorney General. WASHINGTON – With President-Elect Joe Biden set to take office in January, 2021, it is time for … Read more

Pennsylvania Electoral College Creates The Focus Of 2020 Presidency

Pennsylvania Target

Joe Biden is a -575 favorite to win Pennsylvania. Donald Trump is a +425 underdog to win the state. Biden has -700 odds to win the overall election, which he can do without PA. PHILADELPHIA – Pennsylvania looks pretty likely to be the most important state on the board in the current electoral cycle. PA … Read more

Democrats Closing In: Favored In Every State But North Carolina

Election map

Democrats have -310 odds to win Arizona. Democrats are favored to win Georgia with -200 odds. Republicans are favored to win North Carolina with -370 odds. LAS VEGAS – As the Presidential Election continues, certain states are continuing to count their votes as well. The states that are still counting their votes include Arizona, Georgia, … Read more

2020 Election Update: Turnout O/U, Record Handle and Current Odds

Election Update

Voter turnout had an O/U line of 149.5 million in the 2020 election cycle. In fact, turnout was the highest in over a century, hitting around 66% or more. Joe Biden is currently favored to win the election with -430 odds. LAS VEGAS – While the final margins are still in doubt, one thing is … Read more

All Eyes Turn To Nevada’s Election Betting Odds With Delayed Counting


Nevada opened as a -450 odds favorite to vote for Joe Biden in the electoral college. Nevada’s odds grew as high as -1400 but have regressed to -900 since Day 2 started. LAS VEGAS – Into Day 2 of the US Presidential Election, Joe Biden holds the favorite status at online sportsbooks. As he holds … Read more

The Power Of Ohio: Biden, Trump Battle For Swing State


Donald Trump has -250 odds to win Ohio. Joe Biden has +195 longshot odds. In every presidential election since 1972, the winner has also won Ohio. COLUMBUS, Ohio – Out of all the swing states in the Presidential Election, Ohio historically has been the most important. No president has won the election without also winning … Read more

President Donald Trump Becomes Election Live Betting Favorite

election day

President Donald Trump is now the -250 favorite to win the Presidential Election. Joe Biden was favored at -150 before election day. Trump is projected to maintain many major states from his 2016 campaign. WASHINGTON – With the 2020 Presidential Election underway and states’ votes being reported in at a rapid pace, president Donald Trump … Read more

The Odds For The 2024 US Presidential Election Are Not What Many Think

Election Betting

Despite running in 2016 and 2020, Donald Trump is favored (+160) to lead the Republican Party in 2024. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is tied with Joe Biden at +300 odds to be the 2024 candidate for the Democratic Party. WASHINGTON – The 2020 US Presidential Election has reached its climax as millions of Americans will head to … Read more

Daily Sports Betting Preview 11/3/2020: Election Day, UEFA Champions League, ATP Paris

Real Madrid

Joe Biden is a -165 favorite to win the Presidential Election, down from -180 yesterday. Biden is -180 to win Pennsylvania, up from -160 yesterday. Real Madrid has -125 favored odds to beat Inter Milan in the UEFA Champions League. LAS VEGAS – Today’s edition of the Daily Sports Betting Preview digresses just a bit … Read more