Legal Sports Betting For Illinois Residents

Illinois has some strict sports betting laws, mostly aiming to curb the activities of unlicensed gambling operators. Since the state is forbidden by federal laws to legalize sports betting, the only option left for Illinois bettors is to bet on sports online at legal offshore online sports betting sites. Fortunately, none of the state’s laws specifically prohibit residents from sports betting online.

This page informs Illinois residents exactly how they can legally bet on sports online at legal offshore online betting sites. On this page, Illinois bettors will find everything they need to know about their state’s sports betting laws. We have also presented a list of thoroughly researched Illinois friendly offshore online sportsbooks.

Is it Legal to Bet on Sports in Illinois?

Betting on sports is not regulated in the state of Illinois as a set of federal laws prevents the state from legalizing and regulating sports betting activities. Illinois sports betting laws are stricter than the same in other US states; simultaneously, they are a bit vague and confusing. Illinois also has a transmission law that makes the dissemination of betting related information through the Internet illegal, and this can be considered applicable to online sports betting.

A careful read of Illinois sports betting laws, however, reveals that the state does not have a single law that makes it illegal for residents to register at offshore online sportsbooks. Illinois sports betting laws, if any, are all aimed at preventing operators from running illegal bookie businesses in the state.

Placing bets with local bookies in Illinois is illegal because the state does not license or authorize any operator to run offline or online bookie businesses in the state. The safest option for bettors in Illinois is to register at legal online sportsbooks, such as the ones listed on this page.

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Will Illinois Residents Get into Trouble for Placing Bets Online?

The state of Illinois simply has no law that specifically criminalizes bettors’ act of placing bets on outcomes of sports events online. Since there are no sports betting laws targeting bettors in Illinois, the state has not arrested or penalized anybody for betting on sports events online. However, it is definitely illegal for online gambling operators or individuals to run land or online bookie businesses within the state. Illinois does not hesitate to crack down on unlicensed operators of illegal sportsbooks. But the state has nothing against residents betting on sports online at legal offshore online sportsbooks.

As long as Illinois residents stick to the online bookies listed on this page, they have nothing to worry about the law. The online sportsbooks we have listed here are licensed and regulated in offshore jurisdictions. Since they operate from offshore countries, they do not break any of Illinois gambling laws and are therefore legal for Illinois residents.

Where Can Illinois Residents Bet Sports Online?

A number of reputed online sportsbooks not only accept Illinois residents, but also allow them to bet on local sports teams and matches. Since it is difficult for Illinois bettors to identify the best online sportsbooks in the industry, we have done the hard work of carefully researching each online sportsbook to identify the best, top rated, and trusted brands in the industry. Illinois residents can safely and legally play at any of the offshore online sportsbooks listed below.

Best Online Sportsbooks That Accept Illinois Residents

Bovada Sportsbook – Best Legal Sports Betting Site For Illinois Residents

Bovada is one of the most reputed online bookmakers for bettors who want to bet on sports such as baseball, basketball, football, soccer, hockey, golf, ice hockey, auto racing, and others. The online bookmaker offers the best odds on NBA, NHL, NFL, and college sports events. Bovada covers almost every sports betting event in North America and is home to a lively and dynamic community of bettors. A brand belonging to Salmon River Technologies, Bovada is licensed in Kahnawake in Canada.

Bovada Sportsbook is easy to use and comes with hot features such as live betting, mobile betting, bet slips, and props. Besides, the online bookie runs some great promotions, which include bonuses, cash backs, reduced juice options, and season’s specials. Newly registered bettors can claim as much as 100% up to $100 on their initial deposits. The online bookie also encourages bettors to refer their friends and earn big refer-a-friend bonuses.

BetOnline – Fast Payouts For Illinois Players / Accepts BitCoin Plus Other Fast Deposits

BetOnline Sportsbook, which was launched in the early nineties, is an excellent place for the best betting odds on boxing, soccer, football, hockey, basketball, and other popular American sports. The online sportsbook is not North America’s favorite bookmaker for nothing. The online bookie offers secure banking methods, round-the-clock customer service, and great promotions and bonuses.

BetOnline is also popular for two special features—live in-play betting, enabling players to bet as the action unfolds and Sports Betting Edge, an informative blog with plenty of free picks and sports betting information.

5Dimes – Tons Of Betting Lines & Different Wager Types To Keep Action Fresh

5Dimes Sportsbook is a brand belonging to the 5Dimes Group, which is based in Costa Rica. Besides online sports betting, 5Dimes offers a number of other online gaming services such as casino, lotto, and racebook. Customers can gain access to each of these services with just one account.

5Dimes Sportsbook offers great promotions, quick payouts, convenient payment methods, and incredible betting options. In short, it offers an excellent gambling experience in a safe and secure gambling atmosphere.

Players can open either a phone account or an online account at 5Dimes Sportsbook. Players who open an online account can deposit a minimum of $50 and place overnight wagers on popular sports such as baseball, basketball, and hockey.

BetDSI – Quality Sports Betting For Illinois Bettors

Open to Illinois residents, this sportsbook is one of the best. BetDSI is based in Costa Rica and operates under the authority and regulations of a gaming commission. This book has been providing Illinois residents with over 20 years of quality sports betting action, with the best odds, wager types, and perks to choose from.

When you use BetDSI, you can choose how to bet but also where you bet. Whether you’re at home and looking to casually bet on an upcoming baseball game, or you’re on the go and want to get the bet in before the game starts, BetDSI has you covered. Their mobile betting site allows you to bet through whatever smartphone you have, never cutting out any of the great features that make BetDSI so great in the first place.

Whether you’re on your phone or the computer, BetDSI has the best selection of wager types. You can choose to create an open parlay card with 15 bets or just stick with the moneyline. You can bet the spread on the first half or bet on the game as it’s in progress. With BetDSI, nothing is out of reach. Sign up today to receive up to $300 in welcome bonuses.

Illinois Sports Betting Laws

Illinois is actually one of the few states in the US that has passed legislation which specifically touches upon using the internet to gamble. Under Chapter 720 Title III of Illinois Compile Statutes, it is expressly prohibited to facilitate gambling through the use of the internet. As a state law, this applies to local and domestic sportsbooks, preventing them from taking bets from people online. This works in conjunction with PASPA, which prevents the regulation of such sportsbooks in the first place. So, Illinois cannot regulate sports betting and illegal bookmakers in the state add an extra broken law to their resume if they accept bets over the internet.

What these laws don’t do is prevent Illinois residents from being able to use online sportsbooks. State laws can only control what is done in the state. Federal laws can control activities on a national level, but cannot prevent what is done in other countries. Because both laws prohibit the actions of the bookmakers and not the actual bettor, Illinois residents can safely use online, offshore sportsbooks, because they are not under the jurisdiction of US laws. Illinois sports betting laws only apply to local bookies.

Are Online Sportsbooks Accepting Illinois Residents Regulated By The State?

A large of number highly reputed and reliable online sportsbooks accept Illinois residents, but none of them are licensed and regulated in Illinois. The state of Illinois does not have a legal framework strong enough to enable it to license and regulate operators of online sportsbooks. Illinois therefore does not have any legal online or offline bookmaking businesses for its residents.

Although not licensed in Illinois, the online sportsbooks we have listed here are legal because they run under licenses issued by regulatory bodies based in foreign countries. These online sportsbooks are certified by prominent bodies for following the strictest standards regarding gambling security, fair play, customer care, and responsible gambling. The online bookies we support are trustworthy and will never cheat you.

Illinois Sports Betting Markets

Illinois has several professional sports teams and sports-loving residents who love to wager on local sports events. If Illinois legalizes betting on major league teams such as the Chicago Cubs (baseball), Chicago Bulls (basketball), and Chicago Bears (Football), it can generate plenty of state revenue.

Since the state has no regulated online sports betting options, residents have to sign up at legal offshore online sportsbooks, some of which offer betting odds on popular teams such as Chicago White Sox (baseball), Chicago Rush (football), and Chicago Fire (soccer), to mention just a few.


Is Online Gambling Legal?

Online gambling is legal no matter what state you live in, so long as you are using an online, offshore gambling site. These books are able to run legally because they are housed in countries that have regulated sports betting already. These books cannot be shut down by authorities in the US because they do not have the authority to do so. Furthermore, you won’t see a single case of an Illinois resident getting in trouble for using an online, offshore sportsbook.

How Do I Bet For Real Money Online?

You might think that using an online sportsbook makes this a game rather than a real bet. But you’d be wrong. Betting for real money occurs at online sportsbooks all the time. Illinois residents who want to bet for real money online simply have to do one thing – make a deposit to their account. Once you do that, you’re playing for real money. If you win the bet, you’ll be able to collect those winnings and they’ll be mailed or transferred to you after you request a payout.

How Do I Withdraw?

Withdrawing funds off of an online sportsbook account is easy. All you have to do is go to the cashier when you’re ready to cash out and select your method. Most books will have at least two or three different payout methods to choose from. Usually, they’ll also have a free withdrawal waiting for you once a month. When you’ve chosen your method, enter the amount you want to withdraw. The book will process the request, usually taking anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days depending on when you make the request. Once it is processed, your payout will be on its way to you in no time.

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