Legal Online Sports Betting In Missouri

Missouri has not legalized and regulated sports betting in its jurisdiction. The state is one of those prohibited by federal-level laws from legalizing sports betting. As for online sports betting, the state has absolutely no laws. However, a number of offshore online bookies accept Missouri bettors and no state law specifically prohibits residents from registering an account and placing sports bets online.

On this page, we have done our best to clarify issues related to online sports betting legalities in Missouri. We have shown Missouri residents exactly how they can bet on sports online at offshore online bookies without getting into trouble with the law. We have also handpicked and recommended a few top online bookies that accept Missouri residents.

Is it Legal to Bet on Sports in Missouri?

Betting on sports events is against the law in Missouri, but this does not prevent illegal live bookies from functioning. The state of Missouri does its best to crack down on illegal bookies and protect gullible customers, but it has done nothing to legalize and regulate sports betting activities. It is just not legal for Missouri residents to place bets with illegal live bookies or online sportsbooks based in Missouri.

The state, however, has absolutely no online sports betting laws that make it illegal for residents to register at offshore online sportsbooks and place bets there. So far, the state has not arrested or punished any of its residents for betting online. As long as residents stick to the online bookies we recommend, they have nothing to worry about the law.

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Will Missouri Residents Get into Trouble for Placing Bets Online?

So far, no Missouri resident has gotten into trouble with the law for placing bets online. Missouri simply does not have any online sports betting laws that say that it is illegal for residents to place bets at offshore online sportsbooks. Moreover, the online sportsbooks themselves are not located within Missouri, but in offshore countries where Missouri gambling laws are not valid. Missouri residents can therefore bet legally at offshore online sportsbooks without worrying about getting arrested.

Missouri’s laws, however, are powerful enough to be used against those who illegally operate online sports betting sites within the state. The state’s laws are designed to curb the activities of illegal operators and thus protect bettors. Players, therefore, have nothing to worry about as long as they stick to the online bookies we have listed here.

Where Can Missouri Residents Bet Sports Online?

There are several places where Missouri residents can bet on sports online. We know that it is difficult for new bettors to find the best online sports betting brands. Therefore, we have taken the trouble of thoroughly researching and identifying the best Missouri friendly online bookies. The sportsbooks we recommend are safe and legal as they are not based in Missouri and therefore do not violate the state’s laws in any way.

Best Online Sportsbooks That Accept Missouri Residents

Bovada Sportsbook – Open To Those Living In Missouri

Bovada Sportsbook is an online sports betting brand belonging to a reliable and trustworthy online gambling company. Bovada offers not only online sports betting, but also online poker and online casino games. Licensed in Kahnawake, Bovada Sportsbook sticks to the best industry standards and focuses on giving its customers the ultimate online sports betting experience.

The top betting odds on America’s favorite sports are available at Bovada Sportsbook. A US friendly online bookie, Bovada allows its US customers to place straights, spreads, lines, parlays, teasers, props, futures, and other bets on their favorite local teams. US bettors are also free to place wagers on their favorite international sports events.

Bovada Sportsbook is literally packed with attractive features such as in-play betting, live sports betting, mobile betting, live video streaming, and many others. The online bookie also has an attractive promotions page.

BetOnline Sportsbook – Missouri Bettors Welcome Here!

BetOnline Sportsbook is the favorite online bookie of Canada and North America not only because of its great odds, but also because it offers exciting features such as live betting, bonuses, reduced juice options, and so on. The online bookie is ideal for US bettors because it offers a number of banking methods convenient to US bettors. Besides, it is known for its habit of processing payouts quickly.

BetOnline Sportsbook is ideal for new bettors because it has a feature called Betting Edge, an online space in which sports betting experts post free picks, odds analyses, match statistics, and other information that bettors require to place well-informed and winning bets. The online bookie is also home to a Stats Center, which contains important information for bettors.

BetOnline covers almost all the sports that US bettors are fond of—football, golf, baseball, basketball, college sports, auto racing, tennis, and so on.

5Dimes Sportsbook – All Bettors In Missouri Allowed Here

While most reputed online sportsbooks refuse to accept customers from US states with strict gambling laws, 5Dimes Sportsbook accepts bettors from all over the US. Moreover, bettors can place bets either over the phone or via an online account. The same account can be used to gain access to other 5Dimes gambling services such as racebook, lotto, and casino. Lines and spreads on a wide range of sports such as football, basketball, baseball, and others are available at all hours of the day and night. 5Dimes Sportsbook also has a 24/7 customer care service, which is greatly appreciated by its customers.

A licensed online bookie belonging to a prestigious and experienced bookmaking company, there isn’t a single sport under the sun that 5Dimes Sportsbook leaves uncovered. The online bookie is therefore a one-stop shop for betting enthusiasts. Besides, it gives top priority to important issues such as responsible gambling and security. – Missouri Players Welcome!

Have you been spending time looking through a number of sportsbooks, liking what you see but not quite feeling like you’ve found the right sportsbook? Then head over to Here, you’ll find a collection of constantly refreshing sporting events, all with dozens of lines. The ability to combine them into a parlay card is always available to you, as is wagering on if-bets and props. even has a collection of games that are eligible for live in-game betting. You’ll be able to bet on every quarter, period, inning, half, and game while it’s in progress, bringing you as close to the action as possible. All of this is brought directly to your home through your computer, but can also be accessed through a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet.’s mobile betting site is one of a kind and allows you to do everything you would on the computer. Head on over to to see everything they have to offer.

Missouri Sports Betting Laws

After taking a thorough look at Missouri’s state laws, I can confidently say that there are no laws that penalize the usage of online sportsbooks. There are actually no sports betting laws in the state, but this is mostly because a few federal laws have removed the need for such laws in the first place. The federal law PASPA prevents states like Missouri from regulating sports betting on their own. There are only four states under PASPA that can legally regulate sports betting and only one (Nevada) that can offer full-service single-game wagering. The federal law the Wire Act prevents people in one state from taking the bets made by someone in another state. So no one in Nevada can take a bet from someone in Missouri. You might think that means that there are no legal sports betting options available to you. But Missouri residents can legally and safely bet on sports at online, offshore sportsbooks. This is because they fall outside of the jurisdiction of both the federal and state sports betting laws. Regulated by authorities in their own countries, these sportsbooks are extremely safe for Missouri residents to use. They’re also licensed by gaming commissions, so they are able to provide legal sports betting to anyone in the US.

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Are Online Sportsbooks Accepting Missouri Residents Regulated?

Missouri is not in a position to license any bookmaking business. It lacks the required regulatory framework to license and regulate a legalized bookmaking industry. The state has not even legalized sports betting and might not do so in the near future. None of the Missouri friendly offshore online bookies have a Missouri license, but they are still legal because they have been licensed by regulatory bodies based outside the US.

Since each bookie we have listed on this page has a sports betting license issued in a gambling jurisdiction, all the bookies we recommend are safe and legal for Missouri residents. They are not only licensed, but belong to highly reputed bookmaker companies that have been in business for several years. You can rest assured that you won’t be cheated by any of these bookies.

Potential Sports Betting Market Living In Missouri

Since Missouri has not legalized sports betting options, the only way bettors can place bets on their favorite league teams such as the NFL St. Louis Rams, MLB St. Louis Cardinals, and others is by registering at offshore online sportsbooks. A number of Missouri friendly offshore online bookies offer odds on Missouri league events and collegiate sports events.

Missouri is home to six professional league teams such as Kansas City Royals (MLB), St. Louis Cardinals (MLB), St. Louis Rams (NFL), Kansas City Chiefs (NFL), St. Louis Blues (NFL), and the Major League Soccer’s Kansas City Wizards.

Betting Mistakes Missouri Residents Make Most Often

There are a number of mistakes that Missouri residents make when they’re betting on sports. Whether it's not trusting your gut because someone says you might be wrong, or not doing your research, there are myriad different ways you can go wrong. Below are the top five betting mistakes Missouri Residents make most often.

Betting with your heart instead of your head – In an effort to remain loyal to your team, you just might cheat yourself out of a winning ticket. Remember, just because you love a team doesn’t mean they’re the right bet. Even Cleveland Browns fans exist.

Overreact To Recent Trends – If you track betting trends, you might see that certain teams have been trending a certain way for a while now. While it’s smart to track trends, it can lead to some big missteps. You could get it into your head that a team can only do one thing and load all your bets that way. Or you might think that because they’ve trended one way for so long they’re due for a change and bet the opposite. Both actions are mistakes. Trends are just something to keep in mind, they shouldn’t be your only source of information when you bet.

Following The Crowd – just because Joe Schmoe from down the street won a bet once, doesn’t mean that he’s going to be right every time he picks a team to bet on. Never place a bet just because someone else is doing it. Do your research and follow your gut, not the crowd.

Chasing Losses – If you lose a big one and find yourself in a bit of a hole, take a step back. Don’t start chasing your losses hoping to make up what you lost. That’s the fastest way to double your losses in nothing flat.

Not Cashing Out – When you’re up, consider cashing out. Don’t just keep placing bets because you can. If anything, just take out the profit you’ve earned and leave what you originally deposited. That way, you still have something to bet with if you see a line you don’t want to pass up, but you still walk away with a bit of money instead of risking it all and losing everything.

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