Legal Online Sports Betting In Rhode Island

Is sports betting legal in the State of Rhode Island? The answer to this question is far trickier, more elusive than you might think. On the surface level, the answer would have to be no—Rhode Island sports betting is not, strictly speaking, legal, as it is prohibited by both state and federal laws. This hardly means that sports betting in Rhode Island is impossible to come by, or even that it is impossible to do safely. Indeed, Rhode Island residents can find plenty of ways to wager on sporting events, safely and securely.

How is this possible? This page will seek to answer that question. Designed as an educational resource for Rhode Island gambling enthusiasts, this page will begin by examining some of the specific legal and criminal issues that pertain to sports betting in Rhode Island. From there, we will turn our attention to the methods for safe and risk-free sports wagering that Rhode Island natives can find.

Is it Legal to Bet on Sports in Rhode Island?

The legal questions come first. Is it legal to make bets on sports in Rhode Island? We have addressed this already, but again, the answer is not exactly clear-cut. State and federal laws have criminalized sports betting activity in the State of Rhode Island. Those who try to bet on sporting events through street-level Rhode Island bookmakers, then, could potentially find themselves facing some legal conundrums. With that said, there are some ways in which Rhode Island residents can bet on sporting events, safely and without any worries about legal woes.

The answer is to go past the street-level bookmakers and instead to seek out legal and licensed sportsbooks, licensed through other countries, based offshore, and operating over the Internet. These online sportsbooks are safe venues for Rhode Island natives looking to bet on their favorite athletic events. And, fortuitously, these sportsbooks will prove plenty happy to help Rhode Island residents place their bets!

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Will Rhode Island Residents Get into Trouble for Placing Bets Online?

The next question on the minds of Rhode Island residents is the simple matter of whether betting on sporting events can land them in trouble. Despite the fact that Rhode Island prohibits sports betting, the answer to this question is actually a no. There is no trouble to be found, assuming bets are placed through trusted and reputable online bookmakers, like the offshore sportsbooks we mentioned above.

You see, laws related to sports wagering tend to penalize the bookmakers themselves. There is not nearly as much liability for those who place bets. As such, by circumventing the local bookmakers and gambling through legitimate offshore ones, Rhode Island residents can shield themselves from any legal complications—and, they can have a great time betting on sports.

Where Can Rhode Island Residents Bet Sports Online?

The obvious follow-up question is, which online bookmakers can be trusted? Which can Rhode Island residents feel comfortable gambling with? There are plenty of online sportsbooks, but not all of them are necessarily recommendable. There are, however, a few that stand out from the rest, emerging as highly respected and secure online gambling sites. We have taken the liberty of doing the legwork and rounding up three such offshore sportsbooks—all of them reviewed below, all of them highly recommended to Rhode Island residents.

Online Sportsbooks That Accept Rhode Island Residents

Bovada Sportsbook – Open To Those Living In Rhode Island

Bovada Sportsbook is the first entry on our list, and not without reason. This has long proven the favorite option of Rhode Island gamers, as it offers a perfect blend of safety and fun. We’ll list a few features in each of these categories.

First, there is the matter of security. Rhode Island residents need to feel comfortable as they gamble, and as such, they need to locate online sportsbooks that are licensed and legitimate. Bovada Sportsbook is both. It is licensed through the Kahnwake Gaming Commission, based in Canada. It is owned and operated, meanwhile, by one of the world’s most respected online gambling companies, one Meadway Leisure Limited. Bottom line: Rhode Island residents can gamble here without fear and without worry.

And it happens to be a very fun online sports betting site, as well. Here players can place wagers on all of their favorite sporting events. They can even bet from their mobile phones! Again, the bottom line is simply that this is a highly recommendable online sports betting site for Rhode Island residents.

BetOnline Sportsbook – All Rhode Island Sports Gamblers Welcome Here!

Rhode Island natives may also wish to look into BetOnline Sportsbook, a prestigious online sportsbook if ever one existed. And how could it be anything less? BetOnline Sportsbook has been around since 1991, so it brings quite a legacy to the online gaming experience.

Again, though, there is more to recommend this sportsbook than its integrity and its respectability. The gaming experience that it offers is superior. Here, Rhode Island natives will find not only sports betting but also race betting—and even casino-style games! Playing is easy, too; it takes but a few moments to set up an account and to make an initial deposit.

All of this is to say nothing of the other features offered by BetOnline Sportsbook—among them live betting facilities, large bonuses, and highly secured banking methods. All told, this is a terrific option for Rhode Island sports betting enthusiasts.

5Dimes Sportsbook – All Bettors In Rhode Island Allowed At 5Dimes

Finally, we turn our attention to a third terrific option for Rhode Island residents—5Dimes Sportsbook. This one, too, comes with quite a pedigree. 5Dimes Sportsbook is run by the esteemed 5Dimes Group, a reputable company from the online gambling industry. It is licensed through Costa Rica. In other words, it is an online sportsbook that Rhode Island gamers can feel confident about.

5Dimes is a great choice for plenty of other reasons, as well. It offers top odds on all of the most buzzed-about sporting events, and it lets players gamble over the phone or over the Web. Though it is last on our list, it is by no means to be ignored or neglected by Rhode Island gaming enthusiasts!

Rhode Island Sports Betting Laws

Clearly, Rhode Island natives are not starved for options when it comes to online bookmakers. And that’s a good thing, because within the state itself, options are much fewer. In Rhode Island, sports wagering is technically forbidden by state laws; federal laws, also, are harsh toward the proprietors of online gambling sites. With that said, Rhode Island residents who wish to bet on sporting events can find ways to do so without fear of legal troubles. Start by looking into any of the reputable sportsbooks we have listed on this page.

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Are Online Sportsbooks Accepting Rhode Island Residents Regulated?

All of this leads to one final, pertinent point, which is that, because Rhode Island does not recognize legal sports betting, it also does not monitor or regulate it. This should not be a cause for uncertainty or for worry, however. Just because sports betting is not regulated, that does not mean it is not perfectly safe. Again, the key takeaway for Rhode Island gambling enthusiasts is to seek out online sportsbooks that are licensed, trustworthy, and respectable—such as any of the three listed above.

Current State Of Online Sports Betting In Rhode Island

The long and short of it is that Rhode Island sports betting may not be fully legal, but that does not mean that sports betting in Rhode Island is an impossibility. Nor does it mean that Rhode Island sports betting is totally unsafe. On the contrary, Rhode Island residents can find ample opportunity to place wagers on sporting events, and they can do so without a worry about legal liability. The secret lies in finding a reputable and above-board sportsbook; start your search with the three we have reviewed herein.

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