Legal Online Sports Betting In Alabama

Alabama does not have any online sports betting laws, but it has a number of laws designed to eliminate illegal bookies from its jurisdiction. It is illegal for any bookmaker to run live or online bookie businesses in Alabama, and it is also illegal for bettors to deal with such live bookies. However, Alabama has no laws against residents signing up at offshore online bookies.

This page gives Alabama residents all the information they require regarding sports betting laws in their state. Our experts have also expressed their opinion regarding the legalities of betting on sports at offshore online bookies. A list of legal offshore online bookies that accept Alabama residents is also available here.

Is it Legal to Bet on Sports in Alabama?

Alabama’s sports betting laws are so vague and confusing that they can be interpreted in any way. Since the state does not have any online sports betting laws, it isn’t illegal for Alabama residents to place bets on sports events at offshore online bookies. The state does not license and authorize any bookie to run an online or live bookie business in its jurisdiction, and it is not only illegal, but also dangerous for Alabama residents to have dealings with unlicensed live bookies in Alabama. If they get cheated while dealing with a live bookie, they cannot expect any compensation.

The most legal sports betting options for Alabama residents are offshore online sportsbooks. Since Alabama lacks online sports betting laws directed at individual bettors, it cannot prosecute any resident for betting on sports at offshore online bookies. The online sports betting sites we have recommended on this page are the safest for Albama bettors.

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Will Alabama Residents Get into Trouble for Placing Bets Online?

Alabama residents will not get into trouble for betting on sports at offshore online sportsbooks simply because it has no laws that specifically make it illegal for residents to place bets online at offshore bookies. Alabama cannot use non-existent laws to prosecute its residents. Alabama cannot even take any action against online bookies accepting its residents because these bookies do not operate from Alabama. They operate from offshore countries and are licensed and regulated by offshore regulatory bodies.

As previously mentioned, Alabama’s laws are directed at operators, not individual bettors. The state does not tolerate illegal live bookies in its jurisdiction and takes all the required steps to eliminate illegal betting activities. Individual bettors, however, do not have anything to fear about the law. As long as you stick to the online bookies we have recommended on this page, you will not be prosecuted by the law-enforcement agencies in the state.

Where Can Alabama Residents Bet Sports Online?

Alabama residents have no dearth of legal online sports betting opportunities. Since it is difficult for new bettors to identify the best online bookies, we have done all the hard research work for you. The offshore online bookies we have mentioned on this page not only accept Alabama residents, but are also the best online sportsbook products in the industry. They are all licensed and regulated and belong to prestigious bookmaker companies.

Best Online Sportsbooks That Accept Alabama Residents

Bovada Sportsbook – Open To Those Living In Alabama

Bovada Sportsbook, which is licensed by the Kahnwake Gambling Commission, offers the best betting odds on US league sports and college sports matches. Hardly any sports are left uncovered by Bovada Sportsbook, which offers topnotch betting opportunities on favorite American sports such as soccer, football, basketball, hockey, baseball, golf, tennis, and others. The online bookie is home to attractive types of bets such as futures, props, lines, parlays, if bets, teasers, spreads, and so on.

The online bookie is very generous with bonuses, and newly registered bettors can claim as much as $1,750. Besides, the sportsbook runs a number of lucrative promotions, including bonuses, season’s specials, contests, reduced juice options, cash backs, rewards for loyalty, and rebates, to mention just a few. One of the best bonus offers at Bovada Sportsbook is it refer-a-friend bonus of 100% up to $100.

BetOnline Sportsbook – Free For Alabama Residents To Join

BetOnline Sportsbook is one of the most player friendly US online bookies in the industry. The highlights of this online bookie are its generous new player bonuses and grand rewards for loyalty. Besides, bettors continue placing bets on their favorite sports events at BetOnline Sportsbook mostly because of its attractive promotions page, which is packed with irresistible challenges and offers.

Established in 1991, BetOnline actually helps its customers place well-informed bets by presenting invaluable information such as sports picks, match stats, and odds analyses. BetOnline attracts a number of US players because of its safe, reliable, and convenient banking methods such as Visa, MasterCard, Money Order, and prepaid cards, to mention just a few.

US bettors can rest assured of a safe, secure, and legal gambling atmosphere at BetOnline Sportsbook because it is a licensed and regulated bookie owned by a prestigious gambling company.

5Dimes Sportsbook – All Bettors In Alabama Allowed At 5Dimes

5Dimes Sportsbook, a US friendly online bookie, accepts US bettors from all states and enables them to place bets on their favorite league and sports events. The online bookie features a 24/7 customer care service, great promotions, and generous bonuses. Bettors can also avail of loyalty rewards, reduced juice options, rebates, and so on. 5Dimes Sportsbook offers excellent betting odds on almost every sport under the sun, ranging from football to polo. Bettors can choose from an interesting selection of bets such as props, if bets, pleasers, lines, spreads, futures, and so on.

To place bets on sports online at 5Dimes Sportsbook, bettors will have to open either a phone account or an online account. The same account details can then be used to gain access to other 5Dimes gambling services such as casino, lotto, and racebook. Bettors need not worry about safety and security at 5Dimes Sportsbook because it is a licensed and regulated brand.

BetDSI Review – Mobile Betting For Alabama Residents

When looking for USA online sportsbooks, be sure to check out BetDSI. This site has been providing Alabama residents with one of the largest online sports betting venues since 1998. When you first sign up for this sportsbook, you can earn a 50% deposit bonus, which adds up to $300 to your account. This sportsbook has a unique bonus program, where loyalty points are earned for every bet you make. Earning points gets you loads of perks, like additional match bonuses and free payouts.

At this sportsbook, you’ll be able to bet on whatever you’d like. From preseason games to postseason Championships, BetDSI gives you lines on almost every game ever played. Not only will you find a nice selection of futures and early odds, you’ll also have overnight lines and a selection of live in-game bets. The games available for live betting are listed out beforehand, so you’ll always know which are available for this type of betting. On top of all of that, BetDSI has a mobile betting site that allows you to do everything you would on the computer. This site really is the best online book for Alabama residents.

Alabama Sports Betting Laws

Alabama’s gambling laws can be found in Article 2 of Title 13, Chapter 12. In accordance with this portion of Alabama law, you’ll find definitions for gambling and advancing gambling activity, as well as the legislation that bans such activities and the penalties for violating said bans. This law puts a sort of blanket ban on gambling in general in Alabama, pretty much eradicating locally operated sports betting, both online and land-based. This, in conjunction with several federal laws that limit domestic sports betting to Nevada, has pretty much led to just one option for legal sports betting in Alabama – online, offshore sportsbooks.

These businesses are run out of overseas countries. They are not regulated or licensed by authorities in Alabama or anywhere else in the US, which means they do not violate any of the federal sports betting laws in the US or any of the gambling laws in the state. Additionally, Alabama has laws that prevent land-based gambling, but you will not find anything in Alabama’s state legislature that prevents players from using online gambling sites. So, Alabama residents are free and clear to use online, offshore sportsbooks for all of their sports betting needs.

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Are Online Sportsbooks Accepting Alabama Residents Regulated?

Alabama is not in a position to license and regulate any bookmaking company because it is prevented by federal laws from legalizing sports betting. The state does not license, authorize, or permit any bookmaking company to operate live or online bookie businesses in its jurisdiction. The state does not regulate any of the online sportsbooks that accept Alabama residents.

Although Alabama does not regulate any Alabama friendly offshore online sportsbook, it does not mean that offshore online sportsbooks are illegal. Alabama residents need not worry about being cheated by them because they are licensed and regulated by offshore gambling regulators. In order to retain their gambling licenses, they have to maintain strict standards with regard to customer care, responsible gambling, and fair play.

Teams That Alabama Residents Like To Bet On

Since Alabama is home to professional, semi-professional, and college sports teams, it could rake in heavy sports betting profits if it legalizes and regulates sports betting in its jurisdiction. The residents of Alabama are fond of not only viewing matches, but also betting on them, and the only way they can bet legally right now is by registering at offshore online sports betting sites.

Alabama has professional teams such as the National Basketball Development League (NBDL) teams, the National Women’s Basketball League’s Birmingham Power, the Arena League’s Birmingham Steeldogs, and others. Besides, there are plenty of minor baseball teams, hockey teams, and college-level teams.

What Is The Biggest Betting Mistake Alabama Residents Make?

One of the biggest Mistakes Alabama residents make when betting on sports is not doing their research. You wouldn’t invest in the stock market without looking into what you’re investing in, so why would you just put money on a team or player that you haven’t read up on? Giving even a quick look over an individual’s stats or the team’s ATS (against the spread) record does worlds of good when sports betting.

You don’t have to be an expert in sports statistics when betting. But looking at how a player has been performing or how a team does in a certain stadium or arena cuts down on your bet’s risk. Because if you want to bet on the Marlins/Braves game but you’re unsure of what bet to place, you can take a look into the stats and see that the Marlins are much more likely to cover the runline but drop the game to the Braves. So you’d know that your runline bet should be in favor of the Marlins, but your moneyline wager should be on the Braves. Little things like this are what help you make more successful wagers in the long run.


What is Vigorish?

Vigorish, also known as Vig, is the percentage of your bet that the sportsbook collects for providing its services. Generally, this fee is about 10-15% of the payout. Sometimes, Vigorish is also referred to as Juice.

How Can I Change Or Cancel Wagers?

When placing your bet online, you need to make absolutely sure that all of the information on the ticket is correct. Once a bet is placed, you cannot cancel a wager. You also can’t change the bet. So before you hit submit, look over the ticket and make sure it reflects exactly how you want to wager.

If I Have A Question That Is Not Answered In The FAQ, What Should I Do?

If you have a question about the sportsbook you’re using that isn’t answered in the FAQ or help sections, you don’t have to be left in the dark. You can easily call the toll-free number that the sportsbook provides and speak with a representative who will gladly answer your question. You also have the ability to live chat at certain sportsbooks, which is basically instant messaging. You can also email the sportsbook and receive an answer that way. No matter which way you choose, these sportsbooks provide multiple ways for you to get in contact with them.

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